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Williamson County celebrated in 1999 the 200th anniversary of its formation in 1799. In honor of this celebration, the Williamson County Public Library proudly offers a commemorative Pioneer Families of Williamson County, Tennessee Certificate to eligible persons. Anyone directly descended from a pre-1850 pioneer of the county is welcome to apply for this permanent remembrance of his/her family history.

The data furnished by applicants as proof of lineage will become a valuable addition to the Library's Genealogy and Local History Collection. These family records are a resource for other historians and genealogists, and will supplement the published histories of the county. Pioneer Family Records are available for research in the Special Collections Department during business hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. through 5:30 p.m.

The Pioneer Families Heritage Program has received over 800 applications honoring more than 200 Williamson County Pioneers since its inception.  The library welcomes your participation in the Pioneer Families Heritage Program.


  • Complete the Pioneer Families Certificate Application, the Line of Descent Chart, and Pioneer Family Group Sheet included in the application packet. (Tip: Open the application form and save on your computer or hard drive, then you are able to type in your information and print it out.)

  • Computer generated family group sheets may be substituted for Pioneer Family Group Sheets.

  • Include proof of lineage for each generation. Proof may consist of county documents, United States Federal Census records, newspaper articles, family histories, marriage records, obituaries, birth certificates and death certificates.

  • Photographs of your ancestors are welcome.

For additional information email the Special Collections Department or telephone (615) 595-1246.


Mail the application forms and documentation to the Williamson County Public Library, Special Collections Department, 1314 Columbia Avenue, Franklin, TN 37064.

Pioneer Families Ancestor Roster
Pioneer Family booklets are available for review only in the Special Collections Department.
Family photographs of select pioneers are available in the roster.

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Daniel Adams    •    Bennett Aden    •    Samuel Aikin Click to view image of EF Akin grandson of Samuel Aikin.  Click to view image of Novaline Polk Akin wife of EF Akin grandson of Samual Aikin.  Click to view image of William Polk Akin great-grandson of Samual Aikin and family.    •    Ebenezer Alexander
Mark Andrews    •    Ephraim Andrews, Sr.    •    William & Dicia White Ashlin    •    John Atkinson, Sr.


Mary Banks    •    George W. Barnes    •    Charles Bartlett Baugh    •    John Beard    •    Henry Beatty
John Beatty    •    Samuel S. Boehms    •    James W. Boyd    •    Robert Henry Bradley    •    Robert Franklin Bratton, Jr.    •    John Brim    •    Charles Brown    •    Randle Brown    •   William Brown Click to view image of John Elijah Brown grandson of pioneer William Brown. 
Anson Burke    •    John Buttrey    •    John & Elizabeth McPope Burch    •    Lucy Ellen Burch    •    Baylor Byrd


James J. Campbell    •    Minos Cannon    •    Gov. Newton Cannon    •    Robert Carothers
Joel Champion    •    Benjamin Chapman    •    William & Abigail McLemore Christmas
John Cochran    •    Jacob Critz    •    James Crockett    •    Joseph Crockett    •    Charles Crowder
Peggie Crutcher    •    William E. Crutcher

David & Sarah Stokely Davis, Jr.    •    Thompson Davis    •    Metcalf deGraffenried, I
Benjamin Rush Denny    •    Sallie & Hightower Dodson
 Berkley & Dida Mira Armstrong Donaldson    •    Robert Donelson    •    Obadiah Driskill

John Edmiston, Jr.    •    Martha Hampton Evans

John Fly    •    Hugh Fox

Milton Gambill    •    Lazarus & Elenor Little Gatlin    •    Sarah Green Gholson
Francis Seymour Giddens    •    Edward Giles, Jr.    •    Ephraim Givens
George Washington Givens    •    Sherwood & Martha Christmas Green
Sherwood & Mary Johnson Green    •    William Green Click to view image of John and Nancy Elizabeth Anglin Green   Click to view image of Zachariah Joseph and Olly Emmaline Green   Click to view image of Zachriah Joseph and Olly Emmaline Green.
Etchison and Sarah Turner Grisby, Sr.    •    Bright Marshall Grooms

Johann "John" Haffner    •    Wyatt William Haley    •    Rebecca A. Hamilton    •    William Hampton
 Asa Harper, Jr.    •    William & Lucy Rucker Hatcher    •    Thomas Helm    •    Samuel Henderson
Richard Herbert    •    Richard Hightower    •    Kemp Holland    •    John and Isabella Holt
Claiborne & Margaret Ingram Holt    •    Benjamin Housden    •    James House    •    Benjamin Hughes
John Hughes    •    Parmelia Alford Hughes    •    Richard Hughes    •    Robert Hulme
Robert & Frances Clayton Hulme    •    Robert & Susan Beard Stockett Hulme    •    Booker Hunter

Jackson C. & Amelia Ann Reams Irvin    •    James C. & Melinda Stokes Irvin    •    Robert Irvin 

Francis M. Jackson    •    Thomas Randall Jamison  • William W. Jarrett Click to view image of William Wheeler Jarrett grandson of William W. Jarrett. Click to view image of Sanford Bowers Jarrett father of William W. Jarrett.    •    Green Jenkins
Elcain Johnson, Jr.    •    Andrew Johnston, Sr.    •    Rachel Johnston    •    Abner Jones    •    William Jordan

Mary Mory King    •     Peter & Nancy Gatlin King

Anderson Lee    •    Abraham Little    •     Abraham & Temperance Huggins Little    •    Augustine Lofton

George Marlin    •    Joseph B. Marlin    •    George Andrew Mayfield 
George & Catherine Williamson McClellan Click to view image of Catherine Williamson McClellan's trunk and signature.    •    David McLemore Click to view image of Pioneer Ancestor David McLemore.  Click to view image of John McLemore son of David McLemore.    •    Harvey McLemore
Elizabeth C. McMahan    •     William H. & Mary Jane Vaughn McMahan    •     John McNabb Click to view image of William Benjamin McNabb son of John McNabb.
James & Mary Cutchins Merritt    •   Charles Moran Click to view image of Samuel Houston Moran son of Charles Moran.    •    Joseph & Comfort M. Guinn Morton
David Thomas Moss Click to view image of Albert Boyd Moss grandson of David Thomas Moss.     •    John & Jane Currie Motheral    •    Henry [Maury] Murrey

John Neely    •    William Nolen, Sr.    •    Francis Tillman Nowlin    •    Wade Nowlin

Solomon Oden    •    Evan Brook Ormes    •    Harvey Otey     •    Edwin William Overton
John David Owen    •    Nathan & Jane Hightower Owen

Jesse Pate    •    Thomas Pate, Sr.    •    William L. Payne    •    Joshua & Margaret Woodward Pearre
Nicholas Perkins    •    Samuel Fearn Perkins    •    Thomas Harden Perkins    •    Jordan Perkins
James B. Pewitt    •    William Hartwell Pewitt    •    Joseph Lee Polk    •    James Potts
Charles Mac Poynor    •    Richard "Dick" Poynor    •    John Primm    •    Thomas Prowell
Richard & Sarah McConnico Puckett

John & Mary Giles Rainey Click to view image of Pioneer Ancestors John and Mary Giles Rainey.     •    William Marvin Rainey    •    Henry & Sally North Reams
Shadrach W. Reed    •    Capt. George Reynolds    •    George & Susannah Reynolds    •    David Riggs
Hiram Eleazer & Emmaline Tennessee Motheral Ring    •    Peter Rives    •    George Rucker

Dempsey Sawyer    •    Dempsey & Courtney Kennedy Sawyer    •    Pryor Scally    •    Nathaniel Shaw
Griffin T. Skinner    •    Richard "Rich" Smith    •    Samuel Smith    •    Richard Steele, Sr.
Loammy Stevens    •    Stephen Stockett    •    Owen Sullivan    •    William & Artemese Green Sullivan
  Edward Swanson    •    Charles Peter Sweeney


William Tanner    •    Alonzo M. Tenison    •    Joseph Tenison    •    David Tarrington. Thompson
James Thompson Click to view James Thompson family letter.     •    Isaac Tignor    •    William Tucker


Asa Nicholas Vaughan    •    Enoch P. Vaughn


William Waller    •    Jessie W. & Mary A. Fields Warren    •    Melville Wilkinson    •    Melville Wilkinson
Rutledge William     •    Albert Neville Crutcher "A.N.C." Williams    •    Charles Hay Williams    •    James S. Williams
Freeman & Martha Williams    •    Thomas Garrett & Elizabeth Minerva Jordan Williams  •  Thomas Williamson
Zaccheus Wilson    •    William Winstead    •    Johnson Wood

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