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Lambreth, Clifton (1960 - )

A North Carolinian with a B.S.B.A. in Marketing and Management and an M.B.A. in business from Western Carolina University, Clifton Lambreth finds that his talents also include effective communication in both speaking and writing. He has worked for the Ford Motor Company in different positions for twenty years and has become a leader in the automotive industry. Business knowledge combined with effective communication make him a desirable consultant, invited to be on advisory boards in various fields—academics, health, religion, as well as a speaker across the nation. Clifton produces works on television, writes articles, and has found an imaginative formula for a "business novel" in which he can set forth the ideal principles of any business enterprise within a readable and entertaining framework.

  • Ford and the American Dream (with Mary Calia), 2007

Lancaster, Terry

Nashville native and Brentwood resident Terry Lancaster is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur.
 Now, with the release of HERE COME THE NOTHING HEADS, he's a poet-philosopher too. He also makes a pretty mean chocolate cobbler.
 His best-selling books have received glowing reviews worldwide thanking him for the understandable, actionable, effective ideas and stories they contain.
 He's been featured in Forbes and Automotive News and spoken to audiences coast to coast at TedX and national conventions. He only takes the stage to do two things: change lives and chew gum, and he's all out of gum. He has worked with thousands of small businesses offering proven marketing strategies that put the right words in the right order to tell the right story and make the cash register ring.
 He and his wife Mary are the proud parents of three adult daughters, and he spends most of his free time, like every other middle-aged, overweight, native Southerner, at the ice rink playing hockey.

  • Here Comes the Nothing Heads, 2023
  • How to Sell More Cars, 2020
  • UNSTUCK: Breaking Through the Barriers to Small Business Growth, 2017
  • BETTER: Self-Help for the Rest of Us, 2015

Lane, Bryan W.

Bryan Lane and his family live in Spring Hill, Tennessee, less than one and a half miles from the 'Familiar Road', known so well by theBryan Lane - Where No Sorrows Come subject of his book, General John Adams. Bryan is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety consultant and trainer for the University of Tennessee.

  • Tennessee Hero Confederate Brigadier General John Adams, 2017
  • Where No Sorrows Come: The Life and Death of Confederate Brigadier General John Adams, 2014

Lane, William L. (1931 - 1999)

Bill Lane started his education in a two room school in Connecticut and ended as a Harvard Ph.D. After an undergraduate major in English with an honors thesis on William Blake, he entered divinity school where his talent for understanding style and genre in literature enabled him to spend a year as the Christian Research Fellow studying philology at Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion. His scholarly life focused on teaching historical perspectives of the first and second centuries at divinity schools and universities. He also gave generously of his time as a resource person to churches and others in need of his special skills.  Lane came to Williamson County to fulfill a dream. He established the Franklin House Study Center on West Main Street where he taught, wrote, and prayed with others.

  • Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 47(A) Hebrews 1-8; Vol. 47(B) Hebrews 9-13, 1991

Langley, Bobby

Bobby Langley was raised in the post-depression era Franklin when it was still a small Southern town. Bobby beBobby Langleygan a journey from extreme poverty to success as a Williamson county businessman. He became one of the best known athletes in the 1950's at Franklin High School, and still holds several school basketball records. In recent years, Bobby's familiar jersey, number 22, was retired and placed on permanent display at the school, and he was among the inaugural class of inductees into the Franklin High School Sports Hall of Fame. With his father often absent from the household, battling tuberculosis, Bobby learned at an early age how to "fit in"; how to survive in a poor integrated neighborhood while segregation was still the law of the land. It was during this time that he met a kind coach at Battle Ground Academy, J. B. Akin, who let Bobby spend countless hours in the gym. He also honed his shooting skills playing basketball after hours with many of the top African-American players at the nearby County Center, a complex forbidden to black athletes during normal operating hours. Years later, Bobby sat with one of those special friends and relished in the thought that both of their sons, one white and one black, were playing on the same Battle Ground Academy basketball team, and in the same gym where he had spent so many hours.

  • Ruby's Son: A Journey from Poverty to Peace, 2011Joey Lankford - Fulfilled

Lankford, Joey

Joey Lankford and his family left behind all they knew in the US and moved to South Africa to do God's work. Joey has established a profitable agri-business of tunnels/greenhouses producing cucumbers and tomatoes. He also runs a bakery that is starting to take off and teaches some job training courses on campus. He has a heart for business development and job creation. He firmly believes that a hand up is better than a hand out.

  • Fulfilled: The Refreshing Alternative to the Half-Empty Life, 2011

Larkin, Marcene

Marcene Larkin was born and educated in Wichita, Kansas. After college, she taught school, married, and lived in eight states. Two gifts in her life were her two adopted children. When the children were seven and ten, she realized the questions children find hard to ask, so she wrote a book to help children and parents discuss issues. The book led to some workshops.  Larkin moved to Williamson County in 2001, near her son and his wife. She has continued to write and has published both poetry and prose in magazines, books, and reports.

  •  Why Me? An Adoption Story, 1980

Lassus, Joe

Joe Lassus, a Tulane history major, came to Brentwood in 1999 as the Planning and Codes Director. The City of Brentwood was pleased to find a person with both a master's degree in urban planning and a strong sense of history. The City commissioned a book about Brentwood during the Civil War that was completed by Lassus. In doing related research he was able to find Union soldiers' letters and sketches of fortifications around the familiar bridges and railroad lines of the community. Lassus lives in Thompson's Station.

  • Brentwood Tennessee: A Crossroads of the Civil War, 2002

Lawrence, Ardi

Born in Iowa, Ardi Lawrence studied fashion design in New York City. She has made her home in the Nashville area, including Brentwood and Franklin, since 1954. She founded the Fashion Merchandising Program at O'More School of Design, has edited corporate publications and The Tennessee Conservationist, and has written travel and human-interest articles for many publications.

  • Natural Wonders of Tennessee: Exploring Wild and Scenic Places (with H. Lea Lawrence),1999
  • Natural Wonders of Kentucky: Exploring Wild and Scenic Places, 1999
  • Daytrippers' Guide to the Natural Wonders of Kentucky: A Guide to Parks, Preserves, and Wild Places, 1997
  • Natural Wonders of Tennessee: A Guide to Parks, Preserves, and Wild Places (with H. Lea Lawrence), 1994

Lawrence, Felix R.

Dr. Felix Lawrence was born on Lawrence Road at the home of his grandfather, Felix. He grew up in rural Williamson County. His father, Elijah, like his grandfather, was a respected land-owning farmer. Dr. Lawrence graduated from Natchez High School and Tennessee State University where he met his wife. He then studied dentistry and completed his internship at Meharry Medical College. From there he went to Boston University where he received his Ph.D. in Oral Surgery Pathology. His career was spent in Oak Park, Illinois, where he served as Director of the Oral Surgery Program of the University of Illinois for thirteen years and then for Loyola of Illinois. Semi-retired, he and his wife moved back to Williamson County, where Dr. Lawrence opened a practice in Franklin.

  • Lesions of the Jaw Bone (with others), 1983

Lawrence, H. Lea

An avid hunter, fisherman, traveler, and photographer, H. Lea Lawrence was born in Hammond, Indiana. After graduating from East Tennessee State University, he has been a newspaper reporter, feature writer, columnist, chief of public relations for the Tennessee Game and Fish Commission, and co-editor of The Tennessee Conservationist. He has also been active in Outdoor Writers' Association of America, National Rifle Association, Safari Club International, and Great Smoky Mountains Natural History Association.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Small Game and Varmint Hunting, 2002
  • The Ultimate Guide to Bowhunting, 2002
  • A Hemingway Odyssey: Special Places in His Life, 1999
  • Natural Wonders of Tennessee: Exploring Wild and Scenic Places (with Ardi Lawrence), 1994
  • The Fly Fisherman's Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park,1998
  • The Outdoor Photographer's Bible (with Aubrey Watson),1997
  • Natural Wonders of Tennessee (with Ardi Lawrence),1994
  • The Small Game and Varmint Hunter's Bible,1994
  • The Archer's and Bowhunter's Bible,1993
  • Prowling Papa's Waters: A Hemingway Odyssey, 1992

Leach, Tammy T.

Tammy Leach is Williamson County born, bred and educated. Having worked all of her adult life in the medical field, she currently works as a pathology assiTammy T Leachstant. Tammy has a passion for preserving local history and compiling information for the next generation. In Our Legacy, her assorted news articles focus on Robert "Big Buck" Buchanan and Maurice "MVP" Head and are a popular addition to the Special Collections stacks.

  • Our Legacy: Home Town Boys that made big Achievements in the game of Basketball "1980 to 1983," 2017
  • Yes, we can : the 2008-2009 inauguration of the 44th President Barack Obama : Book 1, 2012
  • Four more years : the 2012-2013 inauguration of the 44th President Barack Obama : Book 2, 2012

Lee, Esther

Phillip and Esther Lee were inspired to write Reindeer in Dixie after raising real-life reindeer - Sugar Belle and Silver Bells - on their hilltop farm near NashvilEsther Lee - Reindeer in Dixiele, Tennessee. The Lees shared in the joy the reindeer brought to children and adults alike, and were touched by the effect their visits had on all those around them. Their heartfelt experiences were the catalyst for this book and forthcoming stories starring the adorable and ambitious reindeer sisters.

  • Reindeer in Dixie, 2013

Lee, Joyce A. O.

Joyce Lee is originally from Kansas City, Missouri. She has lived in Franklin with her family since 1973. She is a full time writer of fiction and poetry.

  • The Length of a Love Song, 2005

Lee, Kenna

Full-time nurse, part-time environmentalist, and all-the-time mother, Kenna Lee lives in Sebastopol, California, with her three semi-feral children and several domesticated animals. 

  • a million tiny things: a mother's urgent search for hope in a changing climate, 2012 (Proof Copy)

Lee, Martha Broyles (1918 - 1998)

Born in Tennessee, Martha Lee grew up in central Florida and graduated from Florida State College for Women in 1940. She moved to the Lee family farm in Williamson County with her husband, John, where they raised four children. Active in community life, she wrote her memoirs for her children only, but published them after encouragement from friends.

  • My Last Word, 1995

Lee, Phillip

Phillip and Esther Lee were inspired to write Reindeer in Dixie after raising real-life reindeer - Sugar Belle and Silver Bells - on their hilltop farm near Nashville, Tennessee. The Lees shared in the joy the reindeer brought to children and adults alike, and were touched by the effect their visits had on all those around them. Their heartfelt experiences were the catalyst for this book and forthcoming stories starring the adorable and ambitious reindeer sisters.

  • Reindeer in Dixie, 2013

Lee, Sally Rodes (1932 - 2019)

Except for a year of study in Denmark and four years of teaching at Tokyo Joshi Daigaku (Tokyo Woman's Christian College) in JS R Lee signing booksapan, Sally Lee has lived in Middle Tennessee on a family farm. Interests in literature and folklore led her to create family documents of some length, incorporating family legends and histories, not genealogy. Occasionally, she has done this type of collection for other families, as well as her own. She has also written poetry in various styles.

  • Spirit of Monterey, 2009
  • Beechville-Then, Now, and In Between, 2006
  • Granny Lindy (with Margaret Killiffer Harris), 2005
  • Out of Obscurity, 2000
  • The Poets of St. Paul's (contributing editor, with Dewees Berry, Nancy Rhodes, Brad Wyatt, and Melanie Robinson), 2000
  • Filtered Through Time, ed., 2012

Lee, Sammye

  • Hi, My Name is Steve Lee, 2020

Lee, Shelby III

Shelby R. Lee III lives in the South, and he says it has yielded many rewards and lasting friendships. Comical, compelling, confounding, dramatic, and driven best describes the author's look back over the last few years in writing fiction. many ingredients are required for writing, including a clear mind with focus, so Shelby hopes to capture readers' attention from the start and hold it to the end. Shelby enjoys sailing, golden retrievers, piano music, and a bit of composition. Mostly, he is a survivor in the key of life.

  • Mr. Shelby's Good after Dinner Reading Circle, Volumes 1-16, 2007

Lee, Stellause (1940 - )

Stellasue Lee was born in Spokane, Washington and grew up in Coronado, California. She continued her education over a period of thirty years, earning her Ph.D. at Honolulu University in Hawaii. Her interest in writing began at a time in her life when she thought she was dying and she wanted to tell her story. A renowned published poet she has been recognized for many awards, the most prestigious of wStellause Leehich is being twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in poetry. Formerly Poetry Editor of RATTLE, a literary journal, she now holds the position of Editor Emeritus.

She now lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee where she continues her work in private teaching and lecturing at universities and workshops around the country.

  • Firecracker Red, 2010
  • Crossing the Double Yellow Line, 2000
  • After the Fall, 1991
  • Over to You, 1991

Lee, Susie (1935 - )

Stricken with polio as a baby, Susie Lee grew up in drastic circumstances. She was a child in China during the Japanese occupation and an older teenager in Korea during the Korean War. Immigrating to America as a young woman, she married, lived in Alaska and New York, and had two children. Surgery on her withered leg was successful and in her pleasure at seeming normal, she became a vocational rehabilitation counselor. In recent years she moved to Franklin to be with her daughter. Her book is an autobiography.

  • Daughter of Mercy, 2000

Lehew, Calvin

Calvin Lehew is a lifelong visionary and owner and developer of The Factory at Franklin, an eclectic shopping and learning center. He has been President of the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce, co-founder of the Downtown Franklin Association, President of the Natchez Trace Parkway Association, just to name a few. He served on the President's Commission on White House Fellowship and is an animal rights supporter and leader in his community. He is also a motivational speaker and author of Manifesting Dreams. He lives with his wife and two dogs in franklin, Tennessee.

  • Flying High: a True Story of Shared Inspiration (with Stowe Dailey Shockey), 2011

Lehew, Marilyn

  • Choice Recipes from Choices Restaurant, Historic Franklin, Tennessee, 1991
  • Flashback: Celebrating 35 Years of Heritage Balls, with Sandy Ziegler, 2008

Lingerfelt, James Russell (1980 - )

James Russell Lingerfelt is an award winning writer and documentary film maker. Raised on a cattle farm in northeast Alabama (population 1,100), he spent the first twenty years of his life helping his dad and brother maintain the family farm and doctor cattle. Lingerfelt was an average student in high school, yet excelled in literature, gravitating toward the writings of Emerson and Thoreau due to their post-romanJames Russell Lingerfelttic portrayals of the North American countryside. He was involved in the Student Government and started at point guard on the varsity basketball team.

Lingerfelt attended Auburn University, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Family Counseling and minored in 19th century British Literature. His focus followed Romantic and Victorian poetry and the life and theological writings of C.S. Lewis. After befriending international students, Lingerfelt began volunteering with international humanitarian organizations every summer. Early projects included relief work in Jamaica and Romania, medical teams in Mexico, a homeless men's soup kitchen in Scotland, and Arabic Studies while living among Arab-Muslim families in remote areas of North Africa. There, Lingerfelt studied Arabic and Islam under Muslim professors for the purpose of better understanding Christian-Muslim dialogue.

Lingerfelt attended graduate school at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He majored in Theology, and volunteered as a counselor and mentor for juvenile delinquents at Camp David Gonzales in Los Angeles County. While at Pepperdine, Lingerfelt's emphasis was Christian-Muslim Dialogue and post-Enlightenment Theology. Writers and theologians who influenced his spiritual life were Oxford scholar and Bishop of Durham, NT. Wright; the late Yale Chaplain Henri Nouwen; and anti-Nazi, Christian martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. After completing his Masters, Lingerfelt served in campus ministry as a one year interim at Wichita State University, where he studied Patristics (Christian Literature 100-500 C.E.) and the writings of St. Augustine.

Lingerfelt went on to spend a number of months in East Africa, where he counseled genocide refugees in Uganda, and taught as an English teacher at Made-in-the-Streets; a street children's rehabilitation farm in Kenya. Upon returning home and completing a documentary on the street kids, burned out, Lingerfelt resigned from the ministry and academic study. He then applied to work as a ranch hand in northern Colorado. However, after reading The Ragamuffin Gospel by theologian and ex-Franciscan priest, Brennan Manning, Lingerfelt met with Manning at Lake Arrowhead in California, where they had a lengthy conversation concerning purpose in spiritual and third-world poverty. Impacted by this meeting, Lingerfelt has since continued humanitarian efforts (Egypt 2007, Mongolia 2008, Syria 2010, Palestine 2010, Liberia 2011), and was accepted into Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California to prepare for his PhD in Intercultural Studies, where he maintains a 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).

Lingerfelt serves on the board of directors for LifeBread and taught two years as a visiting adjunct professor in Theological Studies at Lipscomb University (2007 to 2009). He was awarded the Lily Endowment for his work with street orphans in 2006, and his documentary, Made in the Streets of Africa, is now used as material for human rights and social activist courses in a number of universities across the States including Princeton and Fuller theological seminaries. In 2008, he founded William and Keats Publishing, which publishes a variety of books but caters especially to non-profits to help their organizations raise funds at conferences and conventions. In 2011, the company produced the video series, People Who Make a Difference, which features popular leaders and organizations who engage in humanitarian efforts. Issues have included Korn's Brian Welch, the founders of Habitat for Humanity, and economic development through Hope International's microlending. Lingerfelt writes and directs the films, and they've been featured on popular nonprofit websites across the world.

Lingerfelt's first novel, The Mason Jar, a coming of age love story set in Tennessee, was distributed as a pre-released book in December 2011. The Mason Jar is now available in bookstores worldwide. Lingerfelt worked on the novel for five years. Thus far, there has been a grassroots buzz about the book. Best-selling author Diana Bold said she was "blown away" by The Mason Jar. And award-winning author Nicole Weaver stated in a review, "Lingerfelt's book reads like one long beautiful poem." Lingerfelt received consultation during the book's creation from Brad Cummings, the mastermind and co-creator of the international best-selling book, The Shack.

Today, Lingerfelt spends much of his time in the Nashville/Franklin area partnering with Revolution Pictures, where he is being trained in directing and screenwriting for feature films. He also travels and speaks to audiences nationwide.

  • The Mason Jar, 2011

Linnenbrink, Omerline

Omerline loves funny stories, and when she got a computer at home, friends started sending her all the funny stories they got online and in e-mail. She started collecting the stories, and now she has compiled them into a book.

  • Omie's Laughs, 2010

Lipscomb Elementary School

  • A Child's View of Historical Williamson County, by 2nd and 4th Grade Students, 1997

Liske, Julie C.

Julie C. Liske was born and raised in rural Appalachia and currently lives in Thompson's Station. She is a clinical dental hygienist and has written articles based on her knowledge of this field. In 2000, she became the mother of a child with severe autism. Living in a remote area with no resources for intervention, by necessity, she designed and implemented a successful home-based behavioral program.

  • In the Eye of the Hurricane: Finding Peace Within the Storm of Autism, 2006

Little, T. Vance (1931 - 2009)

Williamson County native T. Vance Little has an extensive knowledge of the county and its lore. An attorney by profession, he has T Vance Littlefor many years served as historian for the City of Brentwood. His education includes two degrees from Vanderbilt University and graduate work at Northwestern University and Cambridge University in England. He has served as chairman of the Williamson County Bicentennial Commission, Brentwood Homecoming 1986 Commission, Brentwood Historical Commission, and Trustees of the Endowment for the Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities. Little has been president of the Carnton Association and Williamson County Historical Society, as well as holding offices in many other societies interested in historical issues. He has been honored as the Heritage Foundation's "Patron of the Year," Brentwood's "Citizen of the Year," and "Volunteer of the Year." He received the Williamson County Historical Society's Distinguished Service Award and Leadership Brentwood's Civic Award. In 1997, Little was inducted into the Williamson County Authors' Hall of Fame. Mr. Little, at the Age 77, passed away March 20, 2009.

  • Gently Flows the Harpeth, 2009
  • When Cotton was King on Concord Road: A History of Brentwood Subdivisions, 1999
  • Historic Nolensville Cemetery, 1998
  • Murder on the Wilson Pike, 1996
  • Granny White and Her Pumpkins and Other Tales of Brentwood, 1993
  • History of the Brentwood United Methodist Church, 1991
  • Historic Brentwood (photography by Doug Brachey), 1985
  • Legal Terms for the Genealogist, 1980
  • Williamson 101, 1970, revised and republished as Early Families of Northeastern Williamson County, 1996
  • The Hunts of Tennessee, 1969

Lockridge, Sonya McCllough

  • To Love a White Man: the Reality of Roots, 2020

Logsdon, David R.

  • Eyewitnesses at the Battle of Franklin, compiler and editor, 2000

Lothers, Beth

Beth Lothers has served as mayor and alderman of Nolensville and as a Williamson County commissioner. In addition to writing public information pieces and composing numerous grants, Lothers is also a published songwriter. 

  • Nolensville (Images of America), with Vicky Travis, 2019

Lovell, Elizabeth Reid (1914 - )

Elizabeth Reid Lovell was born in Pinson, Tennessee. She graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and also received a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia University in New York. She moved to Franklin in 1950. Lovell was a public health nurse for forty years, was assistant director of nursing of the Tennessee State Health Department, and was President of the Tennessee Public Health Association. She has been a member of the Old Glory chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. She was a recipient of the Legends Award. Lovell has continued to write.

  • Something Real Pretty, but…, 2003
  • Four Little Boys, 1993
  • Home Visits in Tennessee by Public Health Nurses, 1983

Lovell, Tina Hood

After growing up in Nashville, Lovell moved to Fairview and later to Franklin. She had written poetry as a child, and after a year of coping with the injury and death of loved ones, she found her feelings emerging in poetic form. When she shared a poem entitled "Battered Women" with the YWCA, she was encouraged to share other poems and to publish. Her volume is comprised of devotional poems accompanied by related commentaries. In addition to her poetry, she has written and sold for a Christian greeting
card company.

  • Arise and Shine, 1996

Luttrell, Constance O. (1943 - )

Connie Luttrell grew up in the Nashville area and went to the University of Chattanooga (UTC) where she majored in business and minored in theater. She married, began raising a family, and at some point re-entered the work world in a series of positions which led to her current expertise as a Registered Financial Consultant. During these years, she also became a single mother of three with a need to handle family finances in a serious way. Her positions have been administrative assistant in the College of Arts and Sciences at Vanderbilt, legal assistant at a local law firm, then into real estate, and finally working in the investment and insurance arena. Connie was invited to be a contributor to several sections of this book's extensive look at estate planning. The book research focuses on the most important questions that clients ask with answers that give help to create meaningful road maps to clients' wishes about the distribution of their estates.

  • Love, Money, Control: Reinventing Estate Planning, 2004

Lynch, Louise

Louise Lynch was born and reared in Williamson County. She was the first woman in Tennessee to be foreman of a grand jury. She has devoted herself to genealogical research. Lynch established the Williamson County Archives as a major resource for research, first as a volunteer and then as the director of a growing and important collection of historical documents. In 1981, she was named the Lady of the Year by Xi Alpha Sigma Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. She was the winner of the 1985 Distinguished Service Award by the Williamson County Historical Society. In 2002 she was awarded the Jane Langston Service Award "for outstanding contributions to the cause of the written word in Williamson County."

  • Williamson County Tennessee, Deed Books C, D, and E,1992
  • Miscellaneous Records, Williamson County, Tennessee, Volumes 1 through 9, 1973, 1992
  • Williamson County, Tennessee, Deed Books A-1, A-2, and B, Volume 1, 1992
  • Excerpts from Newspapers, Williamson County, Tennessee, 1822 to 1835, 1985
  • Survey and Entry Book, 1824 to 1902, 1985
  • The Martin-Barnhill Families (with Susan Roberson), 1985
  • Death Records of Bedford County, Tennessee (compiled), 1984
  • Death Records of Williamson County, Tennessee (compiled). 1983
  • Middle Tennessee Crossroads, Volumes 1 through 5, 1981
  • 1840 Census of Williamson County, 1980
  • Rutherford County, Tennessee, Record book A, No. 1, 1804 to 1814, 1980
  • Williamson County, Tennessee, Marriage Records, 1851 to 1879, 1979
  • Cemetery Records of Smith County, Tennessee, 1978
  • Early Obituaries of Williamson County, Tennessee (abstracted), 1977
  • Our Valiant Men, 1976
  • County Court of Williamson County, Tennessee, Lawsuits, 1821 to 1872, Books 2 to 8 (abstracted), 1975
  • Directory of Williamson County, Tennessee, Burials, Volumes 1 and 2, 1973, 1975
  • Tax Book I, Williamson County, Tennessee 1800 through 1813, 1971
  • Record Book, Letters of Administration, No. 1, 1838 through 1855, (abstracted), 1971
  • Wills and Inventories of Williamson County, Books 1 and 2, 1800 through 1818 (abstracted), 1969,1971, 1992
  • Bible Records, Williamson County, Volumes 1 and 2, 1800 through 1818, 1970
  • Cemetery Records
  • Moonshine and Murder: Crimes of Williamson County, Tennessee, 2017

Lynn, Charles (1954 to Present)

Charles Lynn spent his childhood in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He attended several colleges in the U.S. and traveled abroad where he studied at Hebrew University in Israel. He then lived and traveled in the Middle East for twenty-two years. Then he returned to his family roots in Tennessee and made Williamson County his home because he found it to be such a creative community.

  • Why the Nations Rage, 2003
  • Healing the Land (with Winkie Pratez), 1993

Lytle, Andrew Nelson (1902 - 1995)

Andrew Nelson Lytle published his dramatic biography of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest in 1931, which he followed sith his first novel, The Long Night (1936), set at the time of the Civil War. Since then he has written three more novels (At the Moon's End [1941], A Name for evil [1947[, A Name for Evil [1947], and The Velvet Horn [1957], the novella Alchemy (1942), the personal chronicle A Wake for the Living (1975), short stories, book reviews, social and political commentary, and a group of essays on the craft of fiction. As editor of The Sewanee Review from 1961-1972 he further influenced the direction of the South's literature. 

  • Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company, 1931
  • The Long Night, 1936
  • A Name for Evil, 1941
  • The Velvet Horn, 1957
  • A Novel, a Novella and Four Stories, 1958
  • A Wake for the Living: An atypical family looks for Eden and finds American history, 1975

Padgett, Charles H.

Charles H. Padgett was born in Mobile, Alabama. He grew up in Meridian, MS, then moved to Tennessee. He served in the U.S. Navy in WWII, then attended several colleges before becoming a school teacher. He retired from teaching in 1982 after 28 years. He and his wife, Irene, live in Fairview, TN. They have two sons, John and Wesley. He enjoys gardening and studying history, science, and religion. He belongs to a church but said he is really non-sectarian, for he believes "God loves all His children."

  • Growing up with the South 1930's - 1940's, 2003

Paisley, Brad

Brad Paisley was given his first Sears Danelectro guitar by his grandfather on Christmas Day when he was only eight years old. That guitar changed the whole direction of his life. By the age of twelve, Brad had already written his first son, "Born on Christmas Day." At thirteen, Paisley's growing talent was spotted and he began opening performances by major country stars at the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, West Virginia. Brad is now an acclaimed music superstar with multiple Grammy, CMA, and ACM awards who was named Entertainer of the year at the 2010 Country Music Association Awards. He is the husband of actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, as well as the father of their two sons, Huck and Jasper. 

  • Diary of a Player, with David Wild, 2011

Williams-Paisley, Kimberly

Kimberly Williams -Paisley is an actress, writer, and advocate for dementia research and caregivers. She and her husband live in Tennessee with their two sons and two dogs. 

  • Where the Light Gets In: Losing My Mother Only to Find Her Again, 2016

Palmer, Jerry

Jerry Palmer graduated from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, in 1978. He has worked as a scenic artist in film and television, and as Art Director for the Nashville Network in Nashville, Tennessee. He resides in Franklin, Tennessee, with his wife, Kimberly.

  • Mr. Zip and The Capital Z, with Kimberly Bryant-Palmer, illustrated by Jerry Palmer, 2015

Palmgren, Charlie (1933 - )

Although Dr. Charlie Palmgren didn't grow up in an academic family, academics have been his passion since he was a teenager. During the summer between his junior and senior years in high school, he discovered philosophy, psychology, theology, and cosmology-subjects he still thinks about, writes about, and teaches nearly six decades later. Palmgren has a Ph.D. in applied behavioral science, is an ordained Episcopal priest and a Third Order Franciscan, and has worked around the world as an organizational development consultant. As a founCharlie Palmgrender of several companies, including former Atlanta-based SynerChange International and more recently Dayton-based Innovative InterChange Associates, Palmgren focuses on coaching individuals groups to be and become their best, using the Innovative InterChange process. He lives with his family in Franklin, Tenn.

  • Descent of the Dove: Faith Beyond all Belief, 2008
  • Ascent of the Eagle: Being and Becoming Your Best, 2008
  • The Greatest Good: Rethinking the Role of Relationships in the Moral Fiber of our Companies and our Communities, with William H. Petrarca, 2002
  • The Chicken Conspiracy: Breaking the Cycle of Personal Stress and Organizational Mediocrity, with Stacie Hagan, 1998

Parker, Rae Ann    

Rae Ann Parker spent most of her after school hours alternating between the public library and piano lessons. Her former jobs include police department transcriber (using a typewriter!), funeral organist, and social worker. These days she spends her time researching old stuff, volunteering as a museum tour guide for students, and writing books. Rae Ann is the author of the middle grade novel, The Devil’s Backbone. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her family.

  • The Devil's Backbone, 2013

Parker, William James (1857 - 1897)

Son of an Arkansas physician, William James Parker attended Nashville Medical School. He married and returned to Arkansas to intern with his father. Interested in being a writer, he wrote articles on various subjects. He also created names for his daughters from literary characters and from interesting combinations of syllables. For example, Trula was a name created from the words "true love." In the late 1880's, learning that Dr. Byrn in Beechville was ready to retire, Dr. Parker moved his wife and two girls to the corner of Beech Creek Road and Hillsboro Pike where they lived and he had his office in the same house. Although choosing a country practice, Dr. Parker maintained his associations with several professional organizations and continued to write. He was especially interested in philosophy. He made a house call in April, 1897, rode home in a heavy rainstorm, contracted pneumonia, and died in a few days. He left three little girls and his young wife who was pregnant with his son.

  • The Human Soul: Its Origin and Analysis, 1888

Parmenter, Eric

photo Eric Parmenter, authorEric Parmenter is the Vice President of Hospitals and Health Systems for Quantum Health at Quantum Health. He is established as a national expert on employee benefits, behavioral economics and psychology. A consultant with deep experience in health plan strategy, design, prevention care, and productivity and behavioral economics, Eric is a seasoned health tech executive. A former executive at Collective Health, Evolent Health and a Principal with Towers Watson, he has worked in the employee benefits business for 30-plus years as an advisor midsize, large and health system clients
 Eric is an award-winning author of the book STOP: 21 STOPs to Reduce Stress and Enhance Joy and has authored more than 25 articles on employee benefit topics including “Fixing the Broken Triangle”, “Healthcare Benefit Crisis—Ten Years Later” in 2015, “Choice Architecture—a Tool for Ratcheting up Benefit and Wellness Results,” “eACOs—The Health Plan of the Future,” and “Healthcare Benefit Crisis.” A member of several “Who’s Who” lists for business executives,
 Eric graduated from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a PhD in Business Psychology, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business with a Masters of Business Administration, and the University of Illinois with a BA in Psychology. He is an Adjunct Professor of Business at Lipscomb University.
 Eric is the founding President of the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists.
 Eric lives in Franklin, TN, with his wife Sherry and enjoys travel related to history, architecture, and baseball. Together, Eric and Sherry have seven children and ten grandchildren. He has been a volunteer docent for the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust and a leader in his Church.

  • Stop! 21 Stops to Reduce Stress and Enhance Joy, 2016

Parsons, Paul D. Dr.

The oldest of three, born into a career military family, Paul grew up on naval bases throughout the world. At age 10, while in Puerto Rico, he came down with a serious kidney ailment and was confined to bed for one year. It was during this time he discovered he could excel academically. His sophomore and junior years in high school were spent in Madrid and Seville, Spain, away from his parents stationed in Sigonella, Sicily. After graduating in Jacksonville, Florida, he attended Dartmouth College and rowed all four years on the lightPaul Parsonsweight crew team, traveling to England for the Henley Royal Regatta after his senior year.

Medical school at the University of Tennessee (UT) provided another travel opportunity as Paul was the first exchange medical student from UT to Egypt, where he studied infectious diseases for two months. As a practicing orthopedic surgeon, he's traveled to Russia, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary as part of a performing arts medicine delegation. Other recreational travels include trips to Hawaii, Tahiti, Scotland, various sites around Europe, and a week on the Amazon River.

A voracious reader, Paul made it a goal to study prolific late twentieth century American novelists by collecting and reading their works in chronological order. Those whose books he's completed include Jean Auel, Tom Clancy, Nelson DeMille, Vince Flynn, Diana Gabaldon, Terry Goodkind, John Grisham, Gary Jennings, Steven King, James Michener, Robert Ludlum, and Wilbur Smith (admittedly not American, though one of the best). He's halfway through Greg Iles, Larry McMurtry, and Easton Press' 100 Greatest Books. Other interests include golf and guitar picking (a requirement if living near Nashville).

Baden-Powell's Beads is the first of his six novels to be published, with a release date of April10, 2012. Paul lives with his wife and two dogs in Brentwood, Tennessee and has a second home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Baden-Powell's Beads: Jerusalem, 2014
  • Baden-Powell's Beads: London, 2013
  • Baden-Powell's Beads: Aksum, 2013
  • Baden-Powell's Beads, 2012

Parton, Dolly Rebecca (1946 - )    

Dolly Parton was born into a large family in Sevier County. After finishing high school, she went to Nashville and began her singing career. For several years she teamed with Porter Waggoner, but later went solo and became one of the most popular singers in America. She has written lyrics for more than 3,000 songs and appeared in several feature films. Parton has lived in Williamson County for many years.

  • Coat of Many Colors, 1994
  • Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business, 1994
  • Just the Way I Am, 1979

Patton, Lisa (1958 - )    

Lisa Patton spent over twenty years in the music industry before turning to fiction and is now the bestselling author of Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'Easter and Yankee Doodle Dixie. Both novels have been featured on the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) BLisa Pattonestseller List and in 2010 Lisa was selected by Target Stores as an Emerging Author. Born and raised in Memphis, Lisa spent time as a Vermont innkeeper until three sub-zero winters sent her speeding back down South. When she's not writing Lisa guides walking tours of Historic Downtown Franklin, her hometown in Tennessee. Currently at work on the third novel in the Dixie series, Lisa is the proud mother of two sons and a little Havanese pooch named Rosie. To learn more about her, you can visit Lisa's website.

  • Yankee Doodle Dixie, 2011
  • Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter, 2009
  • Rush, 2018

Pavleje, John (1953 - )    

John Pavleje grew up in West Allis, Wisconsin, and lived in various places throughout the country as he developed his business leadership skills. His career started at nineteen in fast food restaurant management. He worked for the next twenty years in various printing plants with Deluxe Check Printers, which sent him to Nashville in 1988 to start a new plant. He has been living in Williamson County ever since. In 1998, he started his leadership-consulting firm, a move that led logically to his book.

  • Leadership, Because You Care, 2001

Peach, Bill    Bill Peach

Bill Peach was reared in the community of Boston in Williamson County and has spent most of his life in retailing. For many years, he and his wife, Emily, have owned and operated Pigg and Peach, a men's clothing store on Main Street in Franklin. After being in and out of college for 34 years, he received a bachelor of university studies degree from Middle Tennessee State University in 1988. His play is a study of confrontation and reconciliation between generations with different views of time, religion, and patriotism. In 1995 he published the memoirs of an eight-year-old growing up in the community of Boston.

  • Politics, Preaching and Philosophy, 2009
  • Random Thoughts, Left and Right, 1998
  • The South Side of Boston, 1995
  • To Think as a Pawn (play), 1990
  • The Eye of Reason, 2012
  • Main Street Philosopher, 2015

Peach, Kathy

At a time of life when most people begin to slow down, Kathy Peach decided to head for the Southwest to live near her daughter after being in Tennessee her entire life. She then followed her lifelong dreams of earning a college degree and writing a children's book. Peach graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education and taught for the Head Start program in Phoenix. 

  • The Tiniest Tumbleweed, illustrated by Alex Lopex, 2016.

Pearson, Sela Serenity (1952 - )

Sela Pearson was born and educated in Brooklyn, New York. She earned a B.S. Degree in Community Health from St. Joseph's College and became a licensed practical nurse. She relocated to Tennessee in 1991 and in 1996 developed A-KAN-KE Creations, through which she offers storytelling, poetry, and motivational speaking. Pearson has published poetry and articles in several journals and has been an active speaker and storyteller throughout Middle Tennessee for which she won awards and commendations.

  • The Magic of Peace, 1996
  • Sela's Sounds of Silence,1995

Pelletier, Cathie    

The author of highly acclaimed novels, Cathie Pelletier has also written poetry, a children's book in collaboration with Skeeter Davis, numerous songs recorded by well-known performers, and novels under the pseudonym K. C. McKinnon. With George Stevens Jr. she co-authored a screenplay based on her novel A Marriage Made at Woodstock. In 1992, she won the New England Book Award, and four of her novels have been selected as the "Most Notable Books of the Year" by the New York Times Book Review. Pelletier was born and grew up in Maine. She established Nashville Books, a book production company which specializes in nonfiction books about country music and its stars.

  • The Christmas Note (with Skeeter Davis), 1997
  • Beaming Sonny Home, 1996
  • Decision and Other Stories, 1995
  • A Marriage Made at Woodstock, 1994
  • The Bubble Reputation, 1993
  • The Weight of Winter, 1991
  • Once upon a Time on the Banks, 1989
  • The Funeral Makers, 1986
  • Widow's Walk, 1976

As K.C. McKinnon:

  • Candles on Bay Street, 1998
  • Dancing at the Harvest Moon, 1997

Perdue, James M.    

"After learning my family was advised to place me in a nursing home because I would never get any better, I became determined to persevere through life even though I'd become a quadriplegic. My brother Tim encouraged me to use the same determination I had for baseball and direct it toward being successful in life" Dr. Perdue believes it is his calling to help other people overcome their challenges knowing, from his life experience, life is worth living. Dr. James M. Perdue Ed. D. lives in Gallatin, Tennessee.

  • One More Play, 2012

Pennell Joe E, Jr. (1939 - )    

Joe E Pennell Jr, graduated from Lambuth College and Vanderbilt University Divinity School. From 1988 to 1996, he was senior pastor at Brentwood United Methodist Church. He was a key member of the Memphis Conference from 1962 to 1977, and later, as a member of the Tennessee Conference, he served as chairperson of the Advisory Council of the Vanderbilt Divinity School and as a member of the World Methodist Council. He then served as a bishop of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church.

  • From Anticipation to Transfiguration, 1989
  • The Whisper of Christmas, 1984
  • A Connectional Community,1982

Perkins, Cris    

Cris Perkins was born in Franklin, but began his career in Memphis in 1989 as a sportswriter for the West Memphis Evening Times. In 1991, he returned to work at the Review Appeal. He was named Tennessee Division II Sportswriter of the Year, Columnist of the Year, and Investigative Reporter of the Year by the Tennessee Sportswriters Association in 1992 and 1993. While majoring in journalism at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, he worked in the office of sports information. He has continued to work in the area of sports in several universities.

  • One Hundred Years of BGA Football, 1894 to 1994,1994

Perkins, Theresa Green Erwin (1836 - 1916)    

Theresa Green Erwin was born in Todd County, Kentucky, the youngest of nine children. In 1858 she married Samuel Fearn Theresa PerkinsPerkins and resided with him at his family home, Hillside, which was at the intersection of Old Charlotte Pike and Old Hillsboro Road. The book she wrote under the pen name of Terah Ewyn is a fictionalized account of life at Hillside during the Civil War. Captain Phil is based on her husband's younger brother who was in the Confederate cavalry and was later county court clerk. Yaller Phil is based on a servant who accompanied his master to battle and later worked as a janitor at the old Williamson County Bank.

  • Captain Phil and "Yaller" Phil: A Story of the Civil War, 1890

Perrone, Michael A., D. P. M.

Michael and Ann have been blessed with four children and twelve grandchildren. All live in the Franklin/Nashville area. Having practiced for 37 years, Dr. Perrone is now retired and living in Tennessee. After serving in the armed forces, he received his degree in podiatric Medicine. During the ensuing years, he lectured, wrote a book and served as a teacher/clinician. Dr. Perrone was president of the Tennessee Podiatric Medical Association and Chairman of the Board of Podiatry Examiners. He was honored with the Stickel Award for his work in research and became a pioneer in the application of rotary surgical instruments and minimal invasive procedures.

  • Foot Care at Home: With Remedies and Products, 2007black and white image of author Phil Perry in front of foliage.

Perry, Phillip

Phillip Perry grew up playing at the nearby Union Civil War Camp Fort Granger in Historic Franklin, Tennessee, graduating from Franklin High School in 1976. He holds two degrees from  Aquinas College in Nashville and is retired from the local power utility after more than 36 years of service. He is a history and movie buff whose hobbies include writing, gardening, martial arts, travel, and music. He and his wife Lesa still reside in Williamson County, Tennessee.

  • Sins of My Brothers: Suffering an Uncivil War, 2023

Perutelli, Marion Bolick (1925 - )    

Marion Perutelli was born and raised in Memphis. She began writing historical fiction after reading Gone With the Wind, and her stories are set in Memphis. She is a resident of Brentwood.

  • From Whence He Came and Short Stories, 2005
  • The Mud Daubers, 2005

Petty, Walker (Red Writer)

  • Dorothy Summers Mystery of the Blue Dragon, 2020

Pewitt, E Gale (1932 - )    

E. Gale Pewitt grew up in Brentwood, Tennessee, where he attended Franklin Elementary School and Battle Ground Academy. He later became involved in technical and scientific matters becoming a research physicist. His writing career began when he visited St. Albans, Vermont, and became fascinated by the Confederate raid on the town. Gale now divides his time between Naperville, Illinois, and Franklin, Tennessee.

  • The St. Albans Raiders, (co-author with Daniel S. Rush), 2008
  • The Blue and Gray Education Society, (co-author with Daniel S. Rush), 2008

Pewitt, Lyn Sullivan    

  • Back Home in Williamson County, 1996

Phillips, Bill R.    

Bill Phillips is a native Texan, a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and an Air Force veteran. He came to the Freedom Forum at Vanderbilt in 1994 to write the book cited below, using his background in both politics and the media to examine the relationship between the two. His journalistic experience includes work in newspapers in both California and Nevada, one of which was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for editorials based on his writing. His career in politics began when he worked in a gubernatorial race in Nevada. He was later assistant campaign manager in the 1992 Bush/Quayle campaign, became a senior administrator under the first President Bush, managed the 1988 Republican National Convention, and has been chief of staff of the Republican National Committee. He has since been chief of staff of the office of university relations at Vanderbilt and later the Deputy Mayor in the mayor's office of Metropolitan Davidson County.

  • Nothing Sacred: Journalism, Politics, and Public Trust in a Tell-All Age (co-author), 1994

Phillips, John

  •  Jahjep & Chip, illustrated by Melissa Licon, 2002

Phillips, Lynn    

Lynn Phillips, a native of Lawrence County, graduated from Loretto High School in 1942. He has long been a resident of Franklin and a member of the Johnson's Chapel Methodist Church in Brentwood. Retired from food sales, he found time to focus on writing poetry, something he began to do at the age of twelve. He has been a member of the Southern Poets Association and has had pieces published by them. He has also been active in a local poetry group. Though most of his poems are romantic in nature, some are humorous and others deal with the problems of aging.

  • Sunshine and Shadows, 1994
  • Memories from the Heart, 1991

Phillips, Philip Edward    

Philip E Phillips gives credit for his love of writing to the outstanding teachers he has had over the years, from Belmont University to Vanderbilt University. He was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and grew up in Lebanon, Tennessee, where he was a boarding cadet at Castle Heights Military Academy (CHMA). He was first introduced to great literature by one of his teachers at CHMA. He is an associate professor of medieval and Renaissance literature at Middle Tennessee State University. His research interests in Roman philosopher Boethius, John Milton, and Edgar Allan Poe have resulted in his published writings. Phillips lives with his wife and son in Franklin.

  • New Directions in Boethian Studies,2007
  • John Milton's Epic Invocations: Converting the Muse, 2000

Pinson, Richard D. (1949 - )    

A native of Henderson, Kentucky, Dr. Richard Pinson graduated first in his class at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in 1976. He completed his professional training at the University of Pennsylvania and at Vanderbilt. While practicing medicine since 1980, he has taught at the University of Tennessee and at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, as well as helping to organize Clinical Research Associates. His professional corporation, Well Being 2000, provides personal assistance in health planning, disease prevention, and medical problem solving.

  • SELF HEALTH: The Perfect Health Plan, 2000Bruno Pirecki

Pirecki, Bruno

Before devoting himself to writing, Bruno Pirecki specialized in strategic alliances and artist relations in the Nashville entertainment industry. He is a native of Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA and spent his formative years in the San Juan Islands and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Pirecki is a thirty-year resident of Franklin, TN and lives in the downtown historic district with his wife, Jennifer, their three cats and one spoiled Rhodesian ridgeback. Town Lawe is his first novel. To learn more about Bruno Pirecki, follow him on Instagram @bruno.pirecki.

  • Town Lawe, 2021

Pirecki, Jennifer

In 2017, Jennifer PireckiJennifer Pirecki published her debut collection, Reckoning With Dust, which pays tribute to the resilience of our human nature as expressed through her contemporary look at the human journey of Jesus and his fellow travelers.

Anthroprose (2018), Reckoning's literary sibling, was chiefly inspired by her postings and correspondence across various social media platforms. As an anthology of poetic aphorisms, Anthroprose (or, speech of the Whole Human) captures just glimpses of the Divine for daily contemplation.

 Jennifer is a speaker, educator and psychotherapist in private practice, which has served the greater Nashville area for 20 years. She is a 30 year resident of Franklin, Tennessee, where she resides with her husband, Bruno (author of Town Lawe, 2021), their 3 cats, and their ridiculously spoiled Rhodesian Ridgeback, Totem.

  • Anthroprose, 2018 
  • Reckoning with Dust, 2017

Place, Michelle Nicole    

With her birth in Scotland and her childhood in California, Michelle Place nevertheless calls Middle Tennessee home because her family roots are here. Her family returned just before she began college. She started out in interior design but changed to English when she realized that she wanted to be a writer like her mother, Cheryl Zach. In 1997, she married, moved to Franklin, and began writing professionally.

As Nicole Byrd, pen name of Cheryl Zach and Michelle Place:

  • Beauty in Black, 2004
  • Widow in Scarlet, 2003
  • Lady in Waiting, 2002
  • Dear Impostor,2001
  • Robert's Lady, 2000

Potter, AndrewAndrew Potter

Andrew was born in Detroit, Michigan. He joined the Army and served for thirteen years. Andrew is a published author and is currently employed as the local veteran employment representative for the State of Tennessee. He received his bachelor's in communication at Eastern Michigan University. He is married to Elaine, and they have four children and eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He lives with Elaine but before being in the Army, she gave Andrew the opportunity to travel, as traveling is a passion for Andrew. He also loves cooking, which had been his main passion for many years. He is a health enthusiast and works out daily, while encouraging others to be proactive regarding their health. 

  • A Message to All from My Father, 2020

Potts, Helen Sawyer    

Helen Potts was born in Williamson County and attended local schools. She taught twenty-seven years in Tennessee and seven years in Mississippi. She is responsible for buying the Edythe Rucker Whitley genealogical collection and donating it to the Williamson County Public Library. She has been a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Williamson County Historical Society.

  • McGavock Confederate Cemetery (with Helen Hudgins), 1984

Power, Elizabeth (1953 - )    

Elizabeth was born and reared in rural Caldwell County, North Carolina. Her writing interest was stimulated through her high school curriculum at North Carolina School of the Arts. After completion of her B.A. at University of North Carolina-Greensboro and M.Ed. from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University in Human Resources Development, she started her own company, "providing writing and instructional design services to companies in the private and public sector world wide." She writes Appalachian "porch stories," poetry, and screen plays. Due to her interest in the workings of disenfranchisement, she has contributed chapters to books of studies and has made video tapes accompanied by booklets in the broad area of psychology. She is an internationally known speaker, facilitator, and trainer. She has been published across a wide spectrum of disciplines and topics..

  • How to Get Happier - and why you should try to!, 2009
  • Managing Ourselves: God in Our Midst, 1992
  • Managing Ourselves: Building a Community of Caring, 1992
  • If Change is All There Is, Choice is All You've Got, 1990
  • Circle of Love: A Child Personal Safety Program, 1984
  • CMHC Guide for Working with Sexual Abuse Survivors, 1977

Presson, Ramon L.

Ramon L. Presson, Ph.D., is a licensed marriage and family therapist, an ordained minister and the author of a dozen books in marriage and family enrichment and in spiritual growth, including the popular When Will My Life Not Suck? Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned. He has co-authored a trilogy of books with NY Times best-selling author, Dr. Gary Chapman. He is also a Janice Keck Literary Award Winner for his work, Voice Lessons. Presson is familiar to many in the Nashville, TN area through his writings as a local newspaper columnist for the past decade. A native of North Carolina, Ramon and his wife, Dorrie, live in Thompson's Station.

  • When Will My Life Not Suck? Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned, 2011
  • Voice Lessons, 2018

Prewitt, Cheryl

Cheryl Prewitt was the reigning Miss America during 1980. Raised in Choctaw County, Mississippi, she has sung with her family, The Prewitts, since the age of five. She is also an accomplished pianist and a composer of gospel songs. Since her reign as Miss America, Cheryl has continued to travel and entertain across the United States. She makes her home in Franklin, Tennessee. 

  • A Bright-Shining Place: the Story of a Miracle, with Kathryn Slattery, 1981.

Provine Family    

In 1950, the Provine family bought a small farm on Manley Lane where all lived for several years before scattering to various academic positions. The farm has remained in the family, so the members have returned from time to time. Harriet T. Provine attended Vanderbilt during her Williamson County years, became a research biologist, and taught at Harvard Medical School.

  • Acute Bacterial Infections: Early Diagnosis and Treatment (with Dr. Pierce Gardner), 1984

William B. Provine went to Grassland Elementary School. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago in history of science and has spent his life as a professor of history of science at Cornell University, Ithaca, Ney York.

  • Origins of Theoretical Population Genetics, 2001
  • Sewell Wright and Evolutionary Biology, 1986, 2001

Robert C. Provine, Jr. attended Grassland Elementary School. He earned a Ph.D. at Harvard University in music. His interest in Korean music was a result of two years of military service there. For much of his adult life, he lived in Durham, England, where he taught music at the university. Since August, 2000 he has been professor of music at the University of Maryland.

  • Essays on Sino-Korean Musicology: Early Sources for Korean Ritual Music, 1988
  • The Drum Rhythms in Korean Farmers' Music, 1975

Pruett, Jeanne    Jeanna Pruette

Jeanne Pruett, the well-known singer and writer of country music, grew up as part of a large family on a working farm in Pell City, Alabama. For a number of years, she and her husband have lived in a log house on a horse farm in Williamson County. In addition to the two cookbooks listed that contain narrative, Pruett has written several non-narrated cookbooks.

  • Feedin' Friends Cookbook II, 1988
  • Feedin' Friends, 1986

Pull-Tight Players

The idea for a local community theatre began in 1968 when Vance Ormes, a student at BGA, gathered with parents of friends to help form a new theatre group. Today, Pull-Tight is at home at 112 Second Avenue, South, in Franklin, in an old church building which they have inhabited since 1985. 

  • 40th Anniversary Commemorative Cookbook, 2008

Putala, Randall (1954 - )    Randall Putala

Randall Putala was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. His interest in writing developed from his many years in the advertising field. He has worked as production, marketing and advertising managers in prestigious companies from New York City to Dallas, Texas and most recently in Nashville, Tennessee. He is president and founder of Strategic Direct Marketing, a multi-million dollar business serving clients in over 30 states in a wide range of industries. He lives in Brentwood, Tennessee.

  • Gourmet Cooking with Dollar Store Food, 2010
  • Feed the World for (Almost) Free, Forever, 2009
  • Better Groceries for Less Cash, 2008

Sanders, Max (1945 - Present)    Max Sanders

Max Sanders has used a variety of experiences in his life to inform and inspire the direction he wishes to go with his writing. With a minister father who served churches in several states, Max grew up moving from state to state in the American Southeast. A stint in the military took him to Germany for four years during which he traveled throughout Europe. He had a liberal arts education and graduated from Appalachian State University in North Carolina. His working career was with insurance companies as a safety consultant specializing in property and fire protection.

During his consulting years, his interests in music, the arts, and literature were developing and at his retirement they began to flower into creative work. His daughter's childhood imagination led him to writing his first book and he hopes his books will encourage a sense of wonder and give children confidence to be themselves.

  • Hippy the Happy Hippo, 2009
  • Max's Cloud Critters, 2009

Sanders, Phillip D. (1951 - Present)

Phillip D. Sanders, from Shawnee, Oklahoma, graduated with a B.A. from Oklahoma Christian College and an M.A.R. from Harding Graduate School of Religion in Memphis. He came to the Concord Road Church of Christ in 1995. During his years of pastoring, he has found time to work in radio, including research for a nationwide program, "In Search of the Lord's Way," to write for periodicals, and to conduct seminars on marriage and parenting. His first book is sold out and is being revised for reissue, and his second book has been used as a textbook for a college class in hermeneutics. He is presently a candidate for doctor of ministry. His latest work, Adrift, is being published soon by Gospel Advocate Press.

  • The Evangelism Handbook, 1995
  • Let All the Earth Keep Silence, 1989
  • You Don't Have to Worry, 1981

Sappington, John (1778 - 1858)    

Born in Maryland, Dr. John Sappington moved to Nashville and later to Franklin. He was one of the commissioners who laid out the town of Franklin in 1799. A physician by profession, Sappington practiced in Franklin until 1817, when he and his family moved to Missouri. There he became a leading advocate for the use of quinine in the treatment of malaria. He manufactured Dr. Sappington's Anti-Fever Pills, which were used all over the South and West for malarial symptoms. Sappington wrote the first medical book, cited below, ever published west of the Mississippi River. It was released in Arrow Rock, Missouri, in 1844.

  • The Theory and Treatment of Fevers, 1844

Sava, Scott Christian (1968 - Present)Scott Christian Sava

With a beginning in New York State, childhood in Florida, high school in California, and a degree in illustration from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, Scott Sava went into the world with creative ideas. Once out of school and married, he lived in Los Angeles where he worked in animation for movies and television from his own studio which prospered. The Disney company asked that he write a pilot for an animated television show that he had created; with this project, he discovered his talent for and pleasure in writing. Writing screen plays led to writing children's stories in book form.

Living in Franklin, Scott continues writing books and creating films, often testing his work on his twin boys before sending it further afield. He sometimes shares authorship, sometimes illustrates his own work, and produces children's books with a variety of characters and plots as well as his ongoing Dreamland series.

  • Cameron and His Dinosaurs (with Andres Silva Bianco), 2009
  • Gary the Pirate (with Tracy Bishop), 2009
  • My Grandparents Are Secret Agents (with Juan Saavedra Mourgues and Christian Gonzoles Valdez), 2009
  • Dreamland Chronicles, Book Three, 2009
  • Dreamland Chronicles, Book Two, 2008
  • Dreamland Chronicles, Book One, 2008
  • Ed's Terrestrials, 2008
  • Hyperactive, 2008
  • Pet Robots, 2008
  • Dreamland Chronicles, Book One, 2008
  • The Lab: Hey...Test THIS, 2005
  • Teddy Bear Dreams (with Donna Lynn Sava), 2002Cindy Savarda

Savarda, Cindy

Cindy Savarda is a mother, grandmother and matriarch to a large, extended family. Cindy is a licensed massage therapist, professional photographer and author. She gains inspiration from the characters in her book, Breath, Heron and the Preying Mantis. Cindy resides in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband, George and cat, Puck.

  • Breath, 2012

Sawyer, J. Scott (1963 - )J Scott Sawyer

A native of Franklin and now living in College Grove, Scott Sawyer first began writing while attending Franklin High School. He continued writing in college where he majored in English and Psychology. He has written short stories drawing on his life in Middle Tennessee. Four of his stories are published in Our Voices, a Williamson County literary review. He has published a book of stories and poetry; one of his short stories developed into a novel.

  • Random Stories, 2008
  • Remembering the Summer of the Pink Flamingoes, 2010

Schlimm, John (1971 - )

A native of St. Mary's in western Pennsylvania, John Schlimm is a communications and public relations graduate of Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. A college assignment that led to his positive communication with Barbara Bush was the beginning of his collecting autographs. His book includes projects for teachers to use with all grade levels. A portion of the profits benefits as soon as possible. After working in Washington, D.C, as a publicist and as producer of the radio show "Enterprising Women," Schlimm came to Nashville to work with a local publicity firm. He has written a monthly column called "The Book Collector" for Autograph Collector magazine and has collaborated on children's books.

  • Corresponding with History: The Art and Benefits of Collecting Autographs, 1997

Schneider, Carl G., Major General, USAF (Ret.)Major Gen. Schneider

Maj. Gen. Carl Schneider joined the Army Air Force and then the USAF where he served over a loyal, thirty-two year career, flying combat missions in Korea and Vietnam. Upon retiring, he started several successful businesses. He served on the founding board of the Joe Foss Institute and currently serves on the advisory board of the Veterans Heritage Project, among others, and volunteers to improve veteran education and welfare. He is very active in assisting several academic institutions specifically helping veterans enroll in college. He is a member of numerous military and fraternal organizations and has been inducted into the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame and the Arizona Veteran's Hall of Fame. Currently, he is the president of the Veteran's Resource Group located in Tennessee. General Schneider lives with his wife, Carole, near Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Little House on the High Plains, 2016
  • Jet Pioneer: A Fighter Pilot's Memoir, 2016

Schott, Linda

Born and reared in Little Rock, Arkansas, Linda Schott met her husband at David Lipscomb University, where he later taught. He has served as minister of a Nashville church. In addition to her role as minister's wife and mother of two, Schott has taught third grade at Crockett Elementary School and art at Edmundson Elementary. She has spoken to women's groups at retreats and seminars. She has written poetry, painted, and published articles in both religious and educational periodicals.

  • Theodore and the Town That Cried, 1999
  • I Stand Amazed, 1992
  • Going Through the Motions, 1991
  • How to Triumph Over Trivia, 1989
  • Spiritual Aerobics, 1987

Schrauger, Brian

When his young son, Taylor, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Brian Schrauger knew that he would stay close to the boy through all the experience. Schrauger had grown up in Michigan, lived eighteen years in Dallas Texas, and moved with his family to Williamson County in 1997. Taylor was born in Texas but lived the last part of his life here. His father wrote both to commemorate his son and to help and inspire others in the same situation.

  • Walking Taylor Home, 2001

Schultz, Carrie    Carrie Schultz - VIP Stepkid

Carrie is happily married and resides with her family in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Her daughter and grandson live with her, and she is still learning to share her son, who inspired this story when he made an innocent observation. Carrie graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2010 and is currently attending Lipscomb University for her master's degree. She is a licensed teacher and moonlights as a special education assistant and a substitute teacher.

  • V.I.P. Stepkid, 2013

Schut, Jennie   

Jennie Schut is an award-winning artist and a teacher in oils and encaustics, a wax-based medium, in her home studio. She is founder of Fly Forward, an organization that aids creative and spiritual exploration, awakening, and flourishing through educational materials, small groups, retreats, workshops, individual art instruction and creative direction, and leadership training. Since 2006, Jennie has conducted groups and retreats based on material from her book, Waking Up Grey: An Exploration of Creative Awakening.  She has released a 2nd edition.  She holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Middle Tennessee State University and a Spiritual Direction Certificate from Selah Center for Spiritual Formation. Jennie has four daughters.

  • Waking Up Grey: an Exploration of Creative Awakening, 2008

Sedberry, James Hamilton (1863 - 1931)    

James Hamilton Sedberry came to Thompson's Station as a young man from Godwin Station in Maury County. He was a merchant, farmer, and grain dealer and an ardent member of the Thompson's Station Church of Christ. In 1905, he published the early science fiction novel cited below. It foretold a 21st-century war between Asians and Europeans in which a "super bomb" was used.

  • Under the Flag of the Cross, 1905

Seigenthaler, John (1927 - Present)    

John Seigenthaler was born and reared in Nashville. He began his journalism career as a cub reporter at the Tennesseanin 1949 and continued with the newspaper until his retirement as editor and publisher in December, 1991. In the early 1960s he became an assistant to Attorney General Robert Kennedy in the United States Justice Department before returning to the Tennessean. He has been affiliated with USA. Today and with Vanderbilt University's Freedom Forum, dedicated to the First Amendment. He lived in Williamson County for several years.

  • James K. Polk, 2002
  • The Year of the Scandal Called Watergate, 1974
  • An Honorable Profession: A Tribute to Robert F. Kennedy
  • A Search for Justice (with contributions from James Squires, John Hemphill, and Frank Ritter), 1971

Sexton, Jessa R.    

  • With Your Fresh Thoughts, 2012
  • Hear and be heard : public speaking and communication skills, 2008

Shamblin, Gwen    

Born to a godly but reserved family, Gwen Shamblin learned early to turn to God in her loneliness. She holds a Master's degree in dietetics from University of Tennessee – Knoxville. As a registered dietician teaching at the University of Memphis but struggling with her own weight, she began studying the eating habits of thin people and became convinced that the key lay in eating only until she was full. Through prayer she gradually realized that spiritual hunger is often mistaken for physical hunger. She began her Weigh Down program in 1992. Her book has brought national media attention to the program.

  • Out of Egypt: Inspirations for Conquering Life's Strongholds,2000
  • Rise Above: God Can Set You Free From Your Weight Problems Forever, 2000
  • Exodus: Daily Devotional, 1998
  • The Weigh Down Diet, 1997

Shand, Jennifer    Jennifer Shand

Jennifer Shand was born in Virginia and studied Early Childhood Development at James Madison University. Thoughout her life, she has worked with children and feels that this experience contributes to her ability to write for young children. Shand resides in Franklin, Tennessee

  • Why Do Rainbows Have So Many Colors?,2015
  • Why Do Tractors Have Such Big Tires?,2015
  • Why Do Computers Know So Much?, 2015
  • Why Do Feet Get So Stinky?, 2015
  • Why Do Camels Have Long Eyelashes?, 2014
  • Why Do Bush Babies Have Huge Eyes?, 2014
  • Why Do Sea Turtles Look Like They Are Crying?, 2014
  • Why Do Pigs Roll Around In the Mud?, 2015

Shands, Katie

Katie Shands began writing professionally as a broadcast journalist, but left the workforce to raise her four children. She rediscovered her passion for creative writing and worked on her first novel in spurts while dinner cooked, kids napped, and laundry washed. She makes her home in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband, children, and a lifetime collection of books. Katie won the library's Janice Keck Literary award in 2017.

  • Finding Franklin, A Novel, 2018Katie Shands

Sharp, Timothy    

Born while his father was at Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, Tim Sharp grew up in his father's pastorates in Kentucky and West Virginia. He attended Belmont College and Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville. He taught music in Indiana and at King's College in New York. He and his wife, Jane, moved to Franklin in 1990 when he began his music publishing business in Nashville. Sharp has been coordinator of church music studies at Belmont University. In addition to writing a monthly column for Choral Journal, he has made frequent contributions to other publications. Sharp has written the program notes for twelve different CDs by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields.

  • Precision Conducting: The Seven Disciplines of the Masterful Conductor, 1996
  • Up Front! Becoming the Complete Choral Conductor, 1993

Sheffield, Clarence (1917 - Present)    

Born and reared in rural southern Alabama, Clarence Sheffield was destined to become an observant educator and a talented gardener. He had his first advanced education at Daphne State Teachers College on Mobile Bay and some experience in teaching before World War II. Called up to serve in the army, he became a sergeant fighting under MacArthur in the Philippines. Thereafter, he was able to use his educational opportunities to earn his B.A. at MTSU and a Master's degree from Peabody with further graduate courses to his credit. He spent his life as a teacher and principal in elementary schools in Georgia, Alabama, and mostly in Tennessee near Chattanooga. His book is a memory and comment on his long and observant life.

  • The Wonder of It All: An Old Soldier Remembers, 2005

Sherwin, Holly Landes (1958 - Present)

Holly Sherwin is an award-winning writer and nature photographer from Franklin. She is an avid canoeist and naturalist who spent twelve years as a canoe guide and outdoor educator in Southwest Florida before moving to Tennessee with her husband, Lanny. She is an American Canoe Association certified flatwater canoe instructor and participated in the Finlandia Clean Water Challenge marathon race, paddling five days and 150 miles of the Hudson River on a surf ski. She still leads canoe excursions into the Everglades and is an active member of the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association. Holly, an active outdoor writer with numerous publishing credits, is a field reporter and writer for PBS's award-winning TV show, "Tennessee's Wildside."

  • Canoeing in Tennessee, 1996

Shirley, Howard (1965 - Present)    

Howard Shirley was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and grew up in Florence, Alabama. His dramatic work has been influenced by his experience as a writer for his high school newspaper and at Vanderbilt University where he studied playwriting, directing, and set design. A former advertising copywriter, he writes monologues and short dramatic sketches," all intended to introduce messages on a variety of topics." He also writes young adult and middle-grade novels.

  • Acts for God: 38 Dramatic Sketches for Contemporary Services, 2005

Shoap, ShoshonnaShoshonna Shoap

Shoshonna has a bachelor's degree in leadership and management. She is currently pursing her master's degree in Human Resources and Management, has worked in the sheriff's office for many years, and serves as a School Resource Officer (SRO). 

In her words, Shoshonna is "mother to an amazing son, wife for 17 years, and a proud School Resource Officer. I also love animals, drawing, painting, hiking, and reading a good book. I strive daily to make a difference in the lives around me. I believe that true success is measured in the legacy you leave behind."

  • Mrs. Selfe's Zoo School of Art, 2020

Shockey, Peter    

Nolensville author Peter Shockey is a screenwriter and an inspirational author. Raised in Bethesda, Maryland, he majored in film at the University of Maryland and then interned at PBS with an emphasis in special effects. He then spent twelve years with an internationally syndicated television graphics company, based in Nashville, Tennessee. While there he developed his trademark style of special light effects to depict spiritual phenomena which Guideposts magazine featured as an article called "Heavenly Visions for Earthly Eyes." These effects, and his interest in spiritual phenomena, led to writing and producing several documentaries for Discovery's TLC. He received a New York Film Festival Award for Life After Life. Shockey's Doubleday book, Reflections of Heaven, is an outgrowth of the television documentaries Life After Life, Angel Stories, and Miracles Are Real. However, the book includes material which he thinks is better rendered in print than on the television screen.

  • His Miraculous Ways, 2000 or 2001
  • Reflections of Heaven, 1999

Silvera, CarrollCarroll Silvera

Carroll Silvera lives in Tennessee, surrounded by gently rolling hills, whitewashed fences, and the softness of Southern comfort. Widely traveled, she loves history, geography, and architecture. An avid gardener, she is awestruck by the beauty of nature and the world’s diversity. She is the author of five books.

  • Every Nine Seconds, 2015
  • What Doesn't Kill You, 2015
  • Ancestralbonz: The Prescotts, 2015
  • Ancestralbonz: Montana, 2015
  • Ancestralbonz: The Civil War, 2015

Simmons, Jean    Jean Simmons - Willy the Panther Cat

Jean Simmons lives in Franklin, TN with her husband, son and cat Willy. She worked as a nurse for 25 years including service as an Air Force Officer, and earned a Master’s Degree from Vanderbilt University. Presently she has left nursing to pursue other projects including her first book written last year, "Willy the Panther Cat " a recipient of the Janice Keck Literary Award in the children's book category. Jean is an avid animal lover and volunteers regularly at the Williamson County Animal Shelter. Her son Ryan and cat Willy (who was a stray) are prominently featured in her new story. She hopes to raise awareness concerning rescue animals and shelters with her new book as well as delight young readers with an imaginative story.

  • Willy the Panther Cat, 2014

Simms, Steve    

Though Steve Simms started life in Jackson, his family moved frequently, and most of them now live in Williamson County. He has a degree in education from University of Tennessee–Martin and a Master of Divinity from Memphis Theological Seminary. He worked in sales and as a part-time pastor before developing his current business, Attitude Lifter Enterprises. He has spoken to groups on self-improvement, personal selling power, and professional development and has written for magazines, including Top Performance.

  • Your Sperm Won: Experiencing Your Value as a Championship Human Being, 1997
  • Mindrobics: How to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life, 1995

Simpson-Giles, Candace (1953 - )    

Simpson-Giles grew up in Nashville, graduated from Dupont High School, and entered a lifetime of daily and eventful experience–work, marriage, childbearing, divorce, work, child rearing, re-marriage, widowhood, work–which prepared her well for later having her own business, a public relations and advertising firm. She moved to Franklin in 1998. She was requested to write her book as part of the Gentle Manners series, a Rutledge Hill project by several authors.

  • How to Be a Lady: a Contemporary Guide to Common Courtesy, 2001

Skelton, Eugene (1914 - 2000)    

Dr. Skelton's lively interest in history led him to write with a variety of historical settings. He was born and raised in McKenney, Texas, and went to Baylor University for a B.A. and Southwestern Baptist Seminary for his M.A. and Ph.D. After five years as a military chaplain during World War II, he served as pastor in various western churches for 35 years, and went to Nashville to work for the Baptist Sunday School Board. While writing several books on Sunday school administration, he also was interested in children's literature and wrote over 200 stories for Adventure, a Baptist children's publication—stories which led him to work on longer children's works. His ideas usually grew from visits to historic settings which he then amplified with research. In the last years of his life, he lived in Brentwood and wrote with the Wordsmiths.

  • A Walk in the Light,1980
  • The Ten Largest Southern Baptist Sunday Schools, 1978
  • Where Action Is,1976
  • Meet the Prophets, 1970

Sladek, Nancy (1943 - Present)    

Nancy Sladek was born in the Oak Park area of Chicago and remained there for her education, marriage, and first six years of teaching. Since 1976, she has lived in Williamson County. While teaching at Scales Elementary School, she wrote units for use with upper elementary grades in the work cited below. With Barbara Depp, she also co-authored The Guide to the Scales Nature Trail. Sladek enjoyed teaching writing to her fifth-graders and encouraging students with special talent.

  • Creative Pathways: A Curriculum Guide for the Talented and Very Able Child (with others), 1983

Slater, Carole W Moore (1948 - Present)    

Carole Moore Slater was originally from Nashville, but she has lived in Franklin for many years. She has been project coordinator for the Tennessee Disability Information and Referral Office, a statewide information service housed in Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. Her book, Dana Doesn't Like Guns Anymore, is the winner of two awards: "Kind Writers Make Kind Readers" and "A Book Can Develop Empathy." She has also written essays and articles.

  • A Guide For Parents & Teachers: Supplement to Dana Doesn't Like Guns Anymore, 1996
  • Dana Doesn't Like Guns Anymore, 1989, 1992

Sloan, W. Keith    

Keith Sloan was born in Iowa, educated at the University of Michigan, and spent fifty years in the insurance business.

  • Scammed! The Frankel Victims, 2005

Slonecker, William    

A pediatrician for forty-three years, William Slonecker began his higher education at Trevecca Nazarene College and Vanderbilt University. He received his M.D. from the University of Tennessee in 1958. During his years of practice, he served on the staff of six Nashville hospitals. He was on the Board of Trustees and Chief of Staff of Southern Hills Medical Center, instructor in pediatrics at Vanderbilt Medical Center, and on the Board of Directors of the Baptist Health Care Group. In 1972, he founded the Christian Counseling Services to be a support system for families. Slonecker helped the State of Tennessee develop guidelines for licensing day care centers. He has lived in Brentwood. One of his children collaborated with him on this book.

  • Parenting Principles, 2001

Smith, Angie

Angie Smith is the wife of Todd Smith (lead singer of Dove Award winning group Selah), author of I WILL CARRY YOU, and a national women's conference speaker. She holds a Master's degree in Developmental Psychology from Vanderbilt University and lives with her husband and daughters in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • What Women Fear: Walking in Faith that Transforms, 2011

Smith, Barbara

During her West Virginia childhood, Barbara Smith discovered the joys of good cooking from her Italian stepmother. As an adult, she developed a wide repertory of recipes for her catering business, which over its thirteen years grew from small church events to occasions for several hundred people. She and her husband moved to Franklin in 1994. Within a month her son, Michael W Smith, asked her to help with a festive dinner when he launched a new record. From that occasion grew her cookbook, filled with family stories as well as recipes.

  • Cooking with Smitty's Mom (with Michael W Smith), 1999

Smith, Betty Hunter (1891 - 1969)    

Betty Hunter Smith was a native of Paris, Tennessee, and moved to Franklin in 1919 shortly after she married local lawyer and judge, Wallace Smith. She was active in the Methodist Church and in many civic enterprises, particularly those dealing with history. A charter member and active leader of the Allied Arts Club, she created many of its programs. In addition to the books she published, Smith wrote articles for newspapers and journals and plays for several local organizations.

  • A Door to Happy Land, 1968
  • Flood-Gates: A Book of Verse, 1931

Smith, Inge Meyring (1923 - )

Inge Meyring Smith began her career in education sixty years ago with the establishment of a private kindergarten in Franklin, Tennessee. Her lifelong passion for teaching is rooted in her father's conviction: "your possessions can be lost, but what you have in your mind can never be taken from you." Smith, an adopted daughter of the South, left Nazi Germany at fifteen with her parents. She was educated in New York City schools. In her mid-life she returned to school at Peabody College for Teachers, today Vanderbilt University. She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education, an M.A. in Early Childhood Education, and an EdS in Elementary Education.

  –Born For America: the Life of Inge Meyring Smith, 2012

Smith, Michael W.

Born and educated in the small West Virginia town of Kenova, Michael W Smith made up songs from the age of five, but originally wanted to be a professional baseball player. After a year and a half of trying college and other routes, he came to Nashville hoping to begin a career as a songwriter and musician. He has written songs for Amy Grant and other performers and has performed his own creations. Smith has lived in Franklin since 1988. He has been actively involved with local youth and with "Compassion Kids," sponsoring aid for Ecuadorian children.

  • Price of Fredom, 2002
  • I Will Be Your Friend: the Value of Friendship for a Lifetime, 2001
  • Worship (with Wendy Lee Nentwig), 2001
  • Old Enough to Know: What Teenagers Need to Know About Life and Relationships, 2000
  • This Is your Time: Make Every Moment Count (with Gary Thomas), 2000
  • Michael W Smith/Live the Life, 1999
  • Where's Whitney? (with Debbie Smith), 1999
  • Your Place in This World: Discovering God's Will for the Life in Front of You (with Michael Nolan), 1998
  • It's Time to Be Bold, 1997
  • Friends Are Friends Forever: And Other Encouragement from God's Word, 1997
  • En Edad Para Saber/Old Enough to Know (with Fritz Ridenour), 1996
  • Change Your World, 1993
  • Old Enough to Know, 1987
  • Lambs Among Wolves (with Bob Briner)

Smith, Scott   

After growing up in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina, Scotty Smith studied religion at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, thinking that he would teach, but finding himself called to youth ministry. In 1979 he came to Nashville where he served at First Presbyterian Church. In 1981, he helped organize Christ Presbyterian Church on Old Hickory Boulevard, Nashville, and in 1986 he founded its daughter church, Christ Community Church in Franklin, where he remains senior pastor.

  • Reign of Grace: the Delights and Demands of God's Love, 2003
  • Objects of His Affection, 2001
  • Speechless: Living in Awe of God's Disruptive Grace (with Steven Curtis Chapman), 1999
  • Unveiled Hope: Eternal Encouragement from the Book of Revelation (with Michael Card), 1997

Smith, Wallace Joseph (1890 - 1979)    

Judge Wallace Smith, a native of Nolensville, lived in Franklin for most of his adult life and served the city both as alderman and as mayor. He received his law degree from Cumberland University, practiced law in Franklin, and served in France during World War I. He served 34 years on the bench of Tennessee's various courts, including periodically the Supreme Court. He was twice called out of retirement to heavy assignments. Smith wrote two volumes providing annotated instructions to juries in civil and criminal cases in Tennessee.

  • Tennessee Jury Instructions, Criminal Cases, 1965
  • Tennessee Jury Instructions, Civil Cases, 1963

Southall, Augustus Bates (1925 - Present)    

Bates Southall kept the notes of his World War II service, his imprisonment and escape, well preserved in a box at his home for fifty years. Until drafted at eighteen, he lived in Thompson Station, attending Burswood Elementary School and Spring Hill High School. Returning from war, he studied in some classes on banking and real estate and entered the practical world of business with various positions in insurance, government administration, University of Maryland poultry department, and finally was Claims Manager and Assistant Vice-President of Caroom and Black. He had made notes on his war experience but considered it of interest only to his children whom he thought would read his material after his death. When his wife read his notes on his army life in Italy and France and his capture and internment in Germany and Poland. She encouraged him to tell her the story and served has his typist for the book.

  • Luck of the Deuce: a Story of Divine Intervention, with Betty Southall, 2009

Spahr, Robert    

Robert (Bob) Spahr is a retired American History teacher who spent 35 years teaching in Florida. He has had an interest in the American Civil war since he was a teenager in Ohio. While researching this book he discovered an ancestor from Ohio that fought at the Battle of Franklin that has been called the bloodiest 5 hours of the American Civil War and the Gettysburg of the west. Bob enjoys writing Christian fiction.

  • Confederate Time Tunnel, 2012

Spain, Melvin and Edie    

Both natives of Middle Tennessee and graduates of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the Spains acquired experience and developed their ideas about money from the community of Williamson County. In 1978 Melvin Spain bought an accounting practice in Franklin where the couple chose to live. This firm became Spain and Higginbotham, located on the Square in Franklin. Edie had business experience in retail and also taught design. In 1993 they began working together as volunteers for Crown Financial ministries, a financial advisory entity which operates on the small group model. They became interested in how money creates stress at any level of financial status. Their book is an outgrowth of a desire to aid people in dealing with this type of stress.

  • At the Heart of Money, 2004

Spain, Robert H. (1925 - Present)    

Bishop Robert H. Spain was born in Loretto in 1925. He studied pre-med at the University of Tennessee and then attended the University of North Alabama, Scarritt College, and Vanderbilt University. His pastorates have included United Methodist congregations in Livingston, Lebanon, Belle Meade, and Brentwood. As a United Methodist bishop, his jurisdictions included Kentucky and South Carolina. Bishop Spain's church appointments have included the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women, the General Council on Ministries, and the General Board of Publications, and in retirement as Chaplain of the United Methodist Publishing House. A revered speaker and minister, he has continued to live in Brentwood.

  • Getting Ready to Preach, 1996
  • How to Stay Alive as Long as You Live: Practical Guides for Christian Living, 1993

Speer, Michael L.    

A native of Missouri, Michael Speer earned a Master's degree in religious education from the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. His denominational work has included fifteen years with the Stewardship Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville during which he published many training materials and four books connected with his work. He has also been a certified financial planner with American Express. Speer and his wife have reared two daughters, one of whom, Melinda Mahand, is a Williamson County writer.

  • Financial Fitness for the Single Person, 1986
  • Financial Planning for Newlyweds, 1984
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward: A Guide for Men on How to Dress, 1975
  • A Complete Guide to the Christian's Budget, 1973

Stafford, Clay    

Clay Stafford has worked for Universal Studios, PBS, and other screen production companies prior to making his home in Williamson County. His career as a screen, stage, and literary writer, film and book editor, music composer and arranger, film/TV/stage producer, director, and actor has garnered him several national awards and foreign distribution of his work. He has earned Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Master in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degrees and taught at several universities. His short stories, essays, and poems have been regularly published in national literary journals, and he has reviewed books, plays, and films for a worldwide print and media audience. He moved to Franklin in 1995. The list below includes selected examples of his credits.

  • The Georgia Performer's Directory, 1995
  • The Tennessee Performer's Directory, 1995
  • How to Win Auditions: An Actor's Guide to Success (script), 1994
  • Boston: Esquire Magazine Travel Series (video script), 1991
  • California: Esquire Magazine Travel Series (video script), 1991
  • Florida: Esquire Magazine Travel Series (video script), 1991
  • New York: Esquire Magazine Travel Series (video script), 1991
  • Patterns of Power (script), 1990
  • The Awards Catalogue, 1989
  • Marine Inboard Diesel Engine Maintenance (script), 1989
  • Marine Inboard Gasoline Engine Maintenance (script), 1989
  • Michael (script), 1989
  • Tell Me Why: From Kitty Hawk to the Moon (script), 1989
  • Know Business Like Show Business, 1986

Steed, Tim (1957 - )    Tim Steed

Tim Steed's early background served him well in his profession as a standup comic and corporate advisor. He grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and joined the army immediately after high school. When his army stint was over, he tried a variety of jobs and took college level classes where he discovered the joys of acting. With a theatre goal in mind, he majored in acting and speech at the University of Tennessee. Steed worked first in Orlando, Florida, then in Nashville, Tennessee in comedy, theatre production, writing and hosting television shows. He toured high schools and colleges as a speaker. Corporations engaged him as a corporate motivational speaker and trainer. In his presentations he uses his comedic talents to bring understanding and solutions to goal seeking situations.

  • My Vow of Silence: the Roughest Three Minutes of My Life, 2007

Steele, Genevieve Lewis (1888 - 1968)    

Miss Genevieve" was a lifelong resident of Williamson County, who was described upon her death as its "finest citizen." She graduated from the Tennessee Female College in 1905 and moved to Franklin in 1919. After the death of her husband in 1927, she supported her four sons by teaching and working as a secretary at the Tennessee Highway Department. Her single book of poetry, published by her sons after her death, was a great favorite of county residents.

  • The Harpeth Hills, 1973

Steele, Genevieve Lewis (1888 - 1968)    

Miss Genevieve" was a lifelong resident of Williamson County, who was described upon her death as its "finest citizen." She graduated from the Tennessee Female College in 1905 and moved to Franklin in 1919. After the death of her husband in 1927, she supported her four sons by teaching and working as a secretary at the Tennessee Highway Department. Her single book of poetry, published by her sons after her death, was a great favorite of county residents.

  • The Harpeth Hills, 1973

Steele, William O. (1917 - 1979)    William Steele

William Owen Steele, the second writer inducted into the Williamson County Authors' Hall of Fame, was born in Williamson County, the descendant of pioneer families. He graduated from Franklin High School and Cumberland University before serving in the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II. After the war, he and his wife, Mary Govan (daughter of Christine Noble Govan), moved to her hometown, Chattanooga, where he did graduate work at the University of Chattanooga. He lived the rest of his life on Signal Mountain. His more than 40 books were historical, both fiction and nonfiction, and mostly directed to the young reader. His books won many literary awards, including a Newbury Honorable Mention and the Thomas Alva Edison Award.

  • The Magic Amulet, 1979
  • Talking Bones: Secrets of Indian Burial Mounds, 1978
  • The War Party, 1978
  • The Cherokee Crown of Tannassy, 1977
  • The Man with the Silver Eyes, 1976
  • The Lone Hunt, 1976
  • The Eye in the Forest (with Mary Q. Steele), 1975
  • Henry Woodward of Carolina, Surgeon, Trader, Indian Chief, 1972
  • Triple Trouble for Hound Dog Zip, 1972
  • The Wilderness Tattoo, 1972
  • Hound Dog Zip to the Rescue, 1970
  • The Old Wilderness Road: An American Journey, 1968
  • Tomahawk Border, 1966
  • Trail Through Danger, 1965
  • The No-Name Man of the Mountain, 1964
  • WAYAH of the Real People, 1964
  • The Year of the Bloody Sevens, 1963
  • Westward Adventure: The True Stories of Six Pioneers, 1962
  • The Spooky Thing, 1960
  • The Far Frontier, 1959
  • Andy Jackson's Water Well, 1959
  • The Perilous Road, 1958, 1990
  • Daniel Boone's Echo, 1957
  • Flaming Arrows, 1957,1990
  • Davy Crockett's Earthquake, 1956
  • We Were There with the Pony Express, 1956
  • The Lone Hunt, 1956
  • DeSoto, Child of the Sun: the Search for Gold, 1956
  • We Were There on the Oregon Trail, 1955
  • Tomahawks and Trouble, 1955
  • Winter Danger, 1954, 1990
  • Francis Marion: Young Swamp Fox, 1954, 1962
  • The Story of Leif Ericson, 1954
  • The Story of Daniel Boone, 1953
  • John Sevier: Pioneer Boy, 1953
  • Wilderness Journey, 1953
  • Over-Mountain Boy, 1952
  • The Buffalo Knife, 1952, 1990
  • The Golden Root, 1951

Stensvaag, John-Mark (1947 - )

Born and educated in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Stensvaag majored in political science and history at Augsburg College and received a J.D. degree from Harvard University. In 1979 he began teaching at the Vanderbilt University School of Law and in 1987 began teaching at the University of Iowa College of Law. Beginning in his student days, Stensvaag was interested in environmental law and later taught several courses related to the environment. At Vanderbilt in 1985, he received the Paul J. Hartman Award for Excellence in Teaching. At that time he lived in Cottonwood of Franklin. At Iowa in 1989 and in 2002 he received the Collegiate Teaching Award.

  • Materials on Environmental Law, 1999
  • Hazardous Waste: Law and Practice, 1986, 1998
  • Clean Air Act 1990 amendments, 1990

Stephens, William M. (1925 - )

   A native of Chattanooga and a former resident of Brentwood, William Stephens has owned a Brentwood law firm representing the elderly and disabled. His articles and photographs have appeared in numerous national publications, including the Smithsonian and National Geographic. One of his latest books deals with his spiritual history since 1969 when a near-death experience changed his life. He has been a follower of Avatar Meher Baba for years; he and his wife have visited India many times because of this connection.

  • Souls on Fire, 1998
  • Footprints in the Sand, 1997
  • Southern Seashores, 1968
  • Science Beneath the Sea: The Story of Oceanography, 1966
  • Our World Underwater, 1962
  • Children's Books:
  •  Life in a Tide Pool, 1975
  •  Islands, 1974
  •  A Day in the Life of a Sandy Beach, 1973
  •  Life in the Open Sea, 1972
  •  Come with Me to the Edge of the Sea, 1972
  •  Hermit Crab Lives in a Shell, 1969
  •  Life Cycle Series, all with Peggy Stephens, 1968–73
  •  Flamingo: Bird of Flame, 1972
  •  Sea Turtle Swims in the Ocean, 1971
  •  Killer Whale: Mammal of the Sea, 1971
  •  Seahorse: Fish in Armor, 1969
  •  Octopus Lives in the Ocean, 1968

Stevens, Craig A.    Craig Stevens

Craig Stevens co-authored the Geronimo Stone series and the Linked Management Models and paints covers for books as an accomplished artist in oils and acrylics. Mr. Stevens combines adventure stories with very practical business and management advice.

  • Geronimo Stone, Vol. 1, His Music, His Love, and the Mobile of Excellent Management, 2006 e-book

Stith, Ferdinando (deceased, dates unknown)    

Dr. Ferdinando Stith, a Williamson County physician with whom Dr. John Sappington had become acquainted in college and during his residency in Franklin, is listed on the title page of The Theory and Treatment of Fevers as a collaborator in its authorship. In the 1830s he was president pro tem of the Tennessee Medical Association. It is believed that Sappington spent the winter of 1843 to 1844 in Franklin, reviewing revisions to the book with Stith.

  • The Theory and Treatment of Fevers, 1844

Stofel, Robert (1962 - )

In addition to his education at Franklin High School and Middle Tennessee State University, Stofel credits "those madcap characters who graced the door and took time to give us southern oral-history" at the auto parts store his father managed. He worked in the small business world of Franklin for a while, then became youth pastor of New Hope Community Church in Brentwood. Three years of social work in inner city Nashville was eventually followed by ministry in a non-denominational church in Decatur Alabama. During graduate work at Gordon-Conwell Theological seminary, he began to write and has published both short stories and inspirational essays.

  • God, How Much Longer: Finding Strength for the Journey, 2005
  • God, Are We There Yet?: Learning to Trust God's Direction for Your Life, 2004
  • Survival Notes for Teens: Inspiration for the Emotional Journey, 2004
  • Survival Notes for Graduates: Inspiration for the Ultimate Journey, 2004

Stone, Lynda    

Stone's cookbook is an outgrowth of years of baking and experience in the restaurant business. She was interested in cooking from her childhood and began a catering business of rolls and breads from her Franklin home in 1986. At first only her family of a husband and three girls were involved. When the business grew, she expanded, first to a section of the old Huff's grocery in Brentwood and then to the H.G. Hill shopping center on Franklin Road. In October 2003, she received the Williamson County Small Business Award. At the request of customers, Lynda undertook the project of creating this cookbook of her own and her employees' recipes.

  • Memories in the Making, 2004

Stone, Slade

See Knight, Kathryn

Strang, Louise DeVito

Louise DeVito Strang was a teacher in Newark, NJ before earning her PhD at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. A psychologist who has practiced in both Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee, she finds all the inspiration she needs just south of those two cities, at home on her horse farm. In addition to the horses, Louise enjoys life with her dogs, as well as several cats and a flock of New Hampshire Red hens.

  • Two Spirits Here: Poems to make you think and feel, 2011

Summerlin, Cathy M.  (1953 - ) & Summerlin, Vernon S (1943 - )    

 A native of Johnson City, Cathy Summerlin attended schools in East Tennessee and has been associated with Vanderbilt University both as a student and as a registered nurse. When she married Vernon Summerlin, they shared a goal of becoming travel writers. She is a regular travel contributor to the Nashville Tennessean. Vernon Summerlin was born in Luverne, Alabama, graduated from the University of Montevallo, and spent twenty-one years in medical research, including research at the Mayo Clinic. He was editor of The Tennessee Angler magazine for five years. Both are past presidents of the Tennessee Outdoors Writers Association and Vernon is past president of the Southeast Outdoor Press Association. They have written for the National Geographic Traveler as well as numerous newspaper articles. Together they have won more than forty awards for books, photography, radio, TV, and newspaper and magazine articles. They live in rural Williamson County near the Leipers Fork community.

  • Traveling Florida, 2002
  • Tennessee Outdoorsmen Cookbook (with Jimmy Holt), 2002
  • The Compleat Tennessee Angler (with Doug Markham), 1999
  • Highroad Guide to Tennessee Mountains,1999
  • Traveling Tennessee, 1999
  • Traveling the Southern Highlands, 1997
  • Traveling the Trace, 1995
  • Two Dozen Fishin' Holes: A Guide to Middle Tennessee, 1992

Sumner, Jamie

Jamie Sumner is the author of Roll with It, Time to Roll, Tune It Out, One Kid’s Trash, The Summer of June, Maid for It, and Deep Water. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other publications. She loves stories that celebrate the grit and beauty in all kids. She is also the mother of a son with cerebral palsy and has written extensively about parenting a child with special needs. She and her family live in Nashville, Tennessee. Visit her at

  • Time to Roll, 2023
  • The Summer of June, 2022
  • One Kid's Trash, 2021
  • Tune It Out, 2020
  • Roll With It, 2019

Swift, Grace (1949 - )    Grace Swift

Grace Swift was born in Franklin, Tennessee and grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana where she attended Arsenal Technical School. Swift returned to Franklin in 2001 and has been here ever since.

Grace's interest in teaching children to be bilingual stemmed from the realization that her granddaughter, Jessica, who was bilingual at the age of two, lost her bilingual skill when she went to school.

During Swift's involvement in the Title I Program in the Rush Henrietta School District of Rochester, New York, she took a creative writing course which sparked her interest in writing books for children. She continued her research and writing in Jacksonville, Florida while volunteering at WTEB, Jacksonville Educator Broadcasting, affiliate of Trinity Broadcasting Network. For twenty years, as an author and speaker, she has inspired people with her writing.

She has traveled the United States, the Virgin Islands and Canada. She has dedicated over thirty years to research in childhood education. Her books are the result of her interest in teaching children bilingual skills.

  • The SonShip Series, 2007
  • The 3 Dimensional Prayer Book, 2007
  • 3-D Prayers for Kids (Oracion 3-D para Ninos)
  • Joseph's Coat of Many Colors (La Tunica de Muchos Colores de Jose)
  • Noah's Animals (Los Animales de Noe)

Sylva, John Paul    John Paul Sylva

John Paul Sylva moved to Franklin from Charlottesville, Va, in 2008 and became a member of Hiram No. 7. Sylva had some journalism experience when he was in the U.S. Navy, but he admits he had no idea what he was getting into when he volunteered to write the book. “I figured since I was editor in chief of my college yearbook, surely I could put some kind of pamphlet together,” Sylva said of his agreeing to take on the project. “I had envisioned a 60-page color magazine similar to a program you get at football games. But others (members) said they didn’t want a magazine, they wanted a hardcover book. “I thought, well, I don’t know anything about the Lodge and not much about the area, but I’ll do what I can.” Complete with color and old black and white photographs, the book delves not only into the history of the building itself, but also includes a full section on Freemasonry in Colonial America and its introduction in Tennessee. One section lists all the Lodge’s worshipful masters with short biographies.

  • A History of Hiram Lodge No. 7: Bicentennial of Freemasonry in Franklin, Tenn, 2014