Parental Supervision of Minors Age 10 & Under

  • Any minor age 10 years or younger shall be under the direct supervision of the minor's parent or guardian, 18 years or older, at all times within a Williamson County Public Library. Supervising adult shall be solely responsible for the actions of the minor. Should a minor be left at a Williamson County Public Library Facility or be without direct supervision of the parent or guardian, then Library personnel, in its discretion, may call law enforcement authorities to take possession of the minor.
  • Library staff may, at its discretion, notify the parent or guardian of record of any unsupervised minor 10 years or younger.
  • Both the parent or guardian and the minor child who violate this policy may be subjected to having their Library privileges suspended. A letter will be sent to the minor's parent or guardian explaining the actions, which constituted suspension.
  • The Williamson County Public Library cannot and does not assure the safety, care, supervision or entertainment of the minor, while the minor is in the library.

Parental Supervision of Minors Between the Ages of 11 & 17

  • Unaccompanied minors who are between the ages of 11 to 17, who exhibit any behavior which Library staff determines is disruptive to other patrons, library programs, or other activities, will warn the minor or parent/guardian that the actions of the minor are disruptive. Should the minor be without parent or guardian supervision, Library staff may notify the parent or guardian of record. Should the minor continue to be disruptive, Library staff may demand the minor to leave the Library.
  • Consistent disruptive behavior in, near, or in the adjacent Library parking lot, will warrant suspension of all Library privileges. Should the minor and/or parent or guardian attempt to enter a Library facility or is found on Library property, including the adjacent parking lot, Library Staff, at their discretion, may notify law enforcement personnel to have the minor or parent/guardian removed.
  • Incident reports shall be recorded and kept regarding the disruptive behavior of any minor and letters shall be mailed to minor's parent or guardian of record explaining the actions of the minor and the suspension.

Attendance at Library Programs

  • The Library may occasionally provide programs for minor children. Attendance of a Library program by minors 10 years or younger will also be attended by the minor's parent or guardian. Minors 11 years to 17 years old may attend without a parent or guardian being present. However, attendance by the minor shall constitute the parents/guardian's permission to attend the program.
  • Should the minor portray disruptive behavior of any kind as determined by the sole discretion of Library Personnel, the process for dealing with the minor will be as stated.

Minors Left in a Library Facility at the Time of Closing

  • Minors that are present at the Library at the time of closing who require transportation to leave the Library, must contact his/her parent or guardian no later than thirty minutes before the time of closing. Minors that do not require transportation may leave at their discretion.
  • Staff may make announcements giving the time left before closing.
  • Any minor that is left at a Library Facility at the time of closing who requires transportation, may wait in the company of a Library employee for his/her parent/guardian or other transportation.
  • Should the minor not have transportation fifteen minutes after the closing of the Library, the Library Staff, at its discretion, may contact law enforcement authorities to take possession of the minor.

Hold Harmless & Indemnification

  • Williamson County shall not be liable for the actions of any minor child, guardian, parent, member, or any other person for the damages or injuries caused by their actions.
  • Any Parent or Guardian of any minor who is present in any of the Williamson County Library Facilities understands and agrees to hold harmless both Williamson County and the Williamson County Library Department, its employees, officers, agents or volunteers from any action and/or liability for any damages or any injury suffered by the Minor Child.
  • Library staff shall not be responsible for ensuring the safety of any minor that is present at any of the Library Facilities.