Do I have to be a resident to get a Library Card?

No, under certain circumstances you may not have to be a resident to receive limited Library services.  There are a few options: 

  • We participate in a reciprocal borrowing program with other counties touching Williamson County. This allows our citizens to utilize their libraries and vice versa.
  • We offer free computer guest passes for 30 days then there is a fee for each additional month of use or one may choose to upgrade to a full Library account.
  • We offer an eCard for online users.  It is good for a few weeks and then must be upgraded to a full account by contacting the Circulation Department.

Each library in Tennessee sets its own parameters for these programs as well as sharing resources and most are restricted by database licenses from offering access to their online resources.  Any materials borrowed from another library must be returned to that loaning library to avoid late fees and other fines.  We cannot check in non-Williamson County materials.

To learn more, contact the Circulation Department at 615-595-1277.

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3. Do I have to be a resident to get a Library Card?