TWRA Boating Safety Exam

The Boating Safety Exam is available to take online at the library. The test taker must have a valid Williamson CountyTWRA Boat Tennessee library card, TLC sticker or computer guest pass.

Prior to the exam, Type 600 boating safety exam permit must be purchased for $10. Permits are available at stores that sell hunting and fishing licenses. The exam permit will also serve as a temporary certificate if you pass the exam.

Underage Test Takers

A test taker between the ages 11 and 17 must have permission to use the internet on his/her library account. A computer guest pass may be issued to a test taker under the age of 17 as long as a parent or guardian is present to sign the application.

Make an Appointment

Test takers can get a free study guide, "Boat Tennessee: A Course on Responsible Boating" at the Reference desk. If you are interested in taking the test at the library, please call 615-595-1243 to make an appointment.