Memorials and Gifts

Memorial Program

Contributions in "honor" and in "memory" of individuals and families may be made at all branch libraries. Please contact the desired branch directly. Consider donating to the library to honor your friend or loved one. A $20 gift will purchase an individual book with a gift plate listing the names of the donor and the honoree. The Library sends a notice of the gift to the family of the person in whose honor or memory the book is given.

Large Gifts

Larger contributions may be designated to make ongoing purchases of materials, to purchase furnishings, or other equipment. Please note that these items will not carry a donor plate.

Enrichment Fund

Contributions of less than $20 are placed in the Enrichment Fund.  They are used cumulatively to purchase larger and more expensive materials. Call 615-595-1242  for assistance with your memorial contribution Tuesday through Saturday 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.