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Inter-library Loan Request Form


  1. 1. Information
  • Information

    1. Books, audiobooks and videos not owned by the Williamson County Public Library system may be borrowed from other libraries by patrons in good standing. No item may be requested within its first year of publication. The limit is 25 requests per calendar year and process up to 3 requests at one time. Check with library staff for details.
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    3. Please note:

      • Patrons are limited to three items a visit for a total of 25 items per year.
      • Requested items must not be owned by the library.
      • Patrons must have accounts in good standing.
      • Items not picked up within 5 days of arrival will be sent back to the lending library. There will be a $1 non-pickup fine charged to the patron account.
      • Overdue interlibrary loan items are $0.50 a day to a maximum of $5.
      • Not all materials are eligible for interlibrary loan; please check with the library staff for a complete list of materials not available for interlibrary loan.
      • Books published within the last twelve months are not eligible for a loan.
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