Pioneer Families

Williamson County celebrated in 1999 the 200th anniversary of its formation in 1799. In honor of this celebration, the Williamson County Public Library proudly offers a commemorative Pioneer Families of Williamson County, Tennessee Certificate (JPG) to eligible persons. Anyone directly descended from a pre-1850 pioneer of the county is welcome to apply for this permanent remembrance of his/her family history.

The data furnished by applicants as proof of lineage will become a valuable addition to the Library’s Genealogy and Local History Collection. These family records are a resource for other historians and genealogists and will supplement the published histories of the county. Pioneer Family Records are available for research in the Special Collections Department during business hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, with extended hours until 8 p.m. on Thursdays.

The Pioneer Families Heritage Program has received over 900 applications honoring upwards of 240 Williamson County Pioneers since its inception. The library welcomes your participation in the Pioneer Families Heritage Program.

How to Apply

  • Complete the Pioneer Families Certificate Application, the Line of Descent Chart, and Pioneer Family Group Sheet included in the printable  Application Packet (PDF). (Tip: Open the application form and save on your computer or hard drive, then you are able to type in your information and print it out.) Or use our editable Pioneer Family PDF.
  • Computer generated family group sheets may be substituted for Pioneer Family Group Sheets.
  • Include proof of lineage for each generation. Proof may consist of county documents, United States Federal Census records, newspaper articles, family histories, marriage records, obituaries, birth certificates, and death certificates.
  • Photographs of your ancestors are welcome.
  • Please read our Tip Sheet before you begin the application process.

For additional information, email the Special Collections Department or phone us at 615-595-1246.

To Receive Your Commemorative Certificate

Mail the application forms and documentation to:
Williamson County Public Library
Special Collections Department
1314 Columbia Avenue
Franklin, TN 37064

Pioneer Families Ancestor Roster

Pioneer Family booklets are available for review only in the Special Collections Department.  Family photographs of select pioneers are available in the online roster. Below is a list of the ancestors for whom we have booklets.

  1. A - C
  2. D - F
  3. G - I
  4. J - L
  5. M - O
  6. P - R
  7. S - U
  8. V - Z



  • Mary Banks
  • George W. Barnes
  • Joseph Barnes
  • Charles Bartlett Baugh
  • Nathaniel "Nat" Baugh
  • John Beard
  • Henry Beatty
  • John Beatty
  • Samuel S. Boehms
  • James W. Boyd   
  • William Irby Boyd
  • Robert Henry Bradley    
  • Robert Franklin Bratton, Junior
  • John Brim
  • Randle Brown   
  • William Brown
  • Ann Buford
  • Mary Buford 
  • William Buford
  • Anson Burke
  • John Buttrey      
  • John and Elizabeth McPope Burch
  • Lucy Ellen Burch
  • Baylor Byrd


  • Ewen Cameron
  • James J. Campbell
  • Minos Cannon  
  • Governor Newton Cannon
  • Kirk Carothers
  • Robert Carothers    
  • Joel Champion
  • Benjamin Chapman
  • William (Bill) Claybrooks
  • John Cochran
  • Jacob Critz 
  • James Crocket
  • Joseph Crockett
  • Charles Crowder
  • Peggie Crutcher
  • William E. Crutcher