Used Book Donations

The Friends appreciate all who gift the Library with gently used books and other materials. Materials that are accepted benefit the Library in several ways. Donated items are often used to supplement the Library’s collection and to replace damaged or missing items. Materials not appropriate for these purposes are transferred to the Friends to be placed in the Book Sale. View the Gifts and Donations guidelines for more information.

Larger donations* of 15 or more boxes - Please call 615-595-1241 before coming to the loading dock. Staff can coordinate a time between 9-4, Tuesday to Saturday, to ensure there is room and staff available to receive the donation.

Mid-size donations* of less than 15 boxes can be brought to the loading dock anytime between 9-4, Monday to Friday. 

The loading dock is located between the Library and Enrichment Center.  Turn left before entering the Enrichment Center parking lot.  Ring the door when you arrive.

Small donations of an armful to 2 small bags may be left on the cart near the Circulation Desk in the foyer area.

*All donations must be in a bag or box. Staff may not remove loose items from the backseat or trunk of a vehicle. Library staff may not appraise the value of donated materials.  If you want a receipt in acknowledgment of your gift, please provide us with the number of donated items.

Newspapers, magazines, and VCR/VHS tapes are no longer accepted. Books should be in clean, sellable condition with both covers, minimal handwriting, and no water damage or food stains. Items left after hours will not be brought inside the Library if damaged by the weather, as determined by the Library staff. This protects the materials, staff, and patrons in the facility from mold and bugs.

Cash Donations

The Friends encourages interested patrons to purchase new books for the library. Cash and check donations can be accepted by the library to purchase new books for the collection.  To donate directly to the Friends, click here.

Honorable and Memorial Donations

Patrons may also donate books to honor an individual, give as a gift, or in commemoration of a special event like birthdays and graduations. Library staff will acknowledge donors and honorees/memorials when the donation is received. A bookplate will be placed in each book(s) purchased with a donation of $20.  To make an honorarium or memorial, fill out the Donation Form.

Contact Us

For more information, email the Acquisitions Librarian or call at 615-595-1242, ext.4.