Used Book Donations

The Friends appreciates all who gift the Library with gently used books and other materials. Materials that are accepted benefit the Library in several ways. Donated items are often used either to supplement the Library’s collection, or to replace damaged or missing items. Materials that are not appropriate for these purposes are transferred to the Friends to be placed in the Book Sale. View the Gifts and Donations guidelines for more information.


  • Small volume book donations, up to two small shopping bags, are being accepted by the library staff at the Library entry and immediately placed in 72-hour quarantine in the library meeting room. 
  • Donations, up to two large bags, can be made daily at the library. Larger donations accepted Thursdays and Saturdays from 10a to 12p at the library’s front entrance.

    Please remember, newspapers, magazines and VCR tapes are no longer accepted. Books should be in clean, sellable condition with both covers, minimal handwriting, and no water damage or food stains.

Cash Donations

The Friends encourages interested patrons to purchase new books for the library. Cash and check donations can be accepted by the library to purchase new books for the collection.  Online donations may be made here upon completion of a short form.

Honorable Donations

Patrons may also donate books to honor an individual, give as a gift, or to commemorate a special event. Library staff will acknowledge donors and honorees/memorials when the donation is received. A book plate will be placed in each book(s) purchased with a donation of $20.