"Bullets and Bayonets: A Battle of Franklin Primer" was funded by the Foundation and published by Academy Park Press, an imprint of the Williamson County Public Library. Both school systems in Williamson County have purchased numerous copies to be used in classrooms, and the book continues to be a best seller among library patrons, history buffs, and community-minded citizens. Visitors to Franklin find this a good resource that contains concise information and outstanding pictures as a resource for reference or a memento of their visit. Sales of the book benefit the Foundation, which in turn supports the work of the library.

About the Book

The project was a collaborative creation by library staff, and it tells the story of the Battle of Franklin in the words of the participants. Soldiers and citizens bear witness to what they observed, experienced and felt about a battle that forever changed the lives of all who were there.

Bullets and Bayonets A Battle of Franklin Primer