Seed Donations

We are very grateful to receive donated seeds. It’s how we keep our Seed Exchange going! Thank you for following these guidelines when making donations.


  • Collect seeds from healthy plants.
  • Donate only seeds that have been stored properly in paper (NOT plastic) containers. Click here for a presentation on the correct way to collect and store seeds. This presentation was created by a former Williamson County Horticulture Extension Agent. You can contact our current Extension Agent at 615-790-5721.
  • Seeds are to be dry and clean, with as much chaff removed as possible.
  • Label your seeds with as many details as you can. The most important facts are the plant variety and the year you harvested the seeds.  Any other details you can share such as size, color, and growing tips, will be helpful.
  • We will accept seeds in any sort of non-breakable container as long as it is clearly labeled. 
  • If you have questions about donating seeds, call the Reference Desk at 615-595-1243.